Welcome to the world of Scar! Here's what to do:

1. Make a character.

2. Base your character on an animal(does not have to be a real animal. dragon and firebird are already taken. Just because we want our characters to be unique, amIright?).

3. Talk about your character with me (Scar, and/or Shadowfire).

4. Figure out your character's personality.

5. Think of your character as the avatar of your imagination.

6. Draw your character so you and other people can physically see what he or she looks like.

7. Think of adventures for your character to go on(helps out when your bored).

8. Use your character to escape reality.

9. If all the animals you want to base your character on are taken, make one up!

10. Tell your friends and family about this wiki(you have to go to Fantasy Warrior Role Play Wiki and find Battleclaw for the link to this wiki).

11. Have fun!

6.26.12 em art

cat goddess

character example:

This character is not specifically made for this wiki but it was a good example on what your character could look like. The picture is made by my former art teacher.

So basically, go to Join Our Team, and make a character, lol.