(SO I CAN PUT TALON OUT OF HER MISERY. You asked for this.)


Shadowfire was breathing heavily. She had just got done training, and was heading to her rooms when somebody tapped her on the shoulder gently. She looked behind her, and, not surprisingly, she saw Toby.

He had his hatchets and was braced for an attack. "T-train with me?" He said. She almost flinched when she realized that he wasn't talking in that usual tone he did when he saw her; Almost like; sexy.

But today, his voice was normal. She gave him a confused look, but took out her katana's again, her power rising. "Okay." Shadowfire growled, a smile tugging her lips.

Toby struck first, aiming for her cheek but failed as she blocked the attack swiftly. She examined his hatchets. Toby laughed, and Shadowfire shot her head up again, but she was too late. He sliced a cut in her arm. She took the pain as a new sense of energy.

The female cut through his left arm, baring her teeth as the sword sank deeper. Obviously, Toby didn't take much notice of this. His forehead crinkled a bit before he jumped out at her, making her stumble and fall to the ground.

Shadowfire hissed, trying to get back up by pushing him off, clawing his back, and even punching him in the chest. But she gave up when she realized he wasn't trying to attack her.

"S-silly girl." Toby said with a boy-ish giggle. He brushed a piece of hair from her face.

Shadowfire, eyes wide, blushed for the first time today. "Don't call me silly," She murmured, meaning for it to sound like a growl but it only came out as a whisper.

Toby was an inch away from her face, transfixed on her bright eyes. His voice gradually got different and more familiar as he said, "Y-you're cute."

Instantly amused, the Fire Elemental laughed. "Oh?" She replied, in a question. "What if I said that you were, too?" Resisting the urge to lie on top of him, she pushed him off of her, stifling yet another giggle while doing so.

Toby smiled through his mouth-guard. He pulled it off roughly, almost hungrily, as well as his goggles. "A-and your mine." He said with a prideful voice.

Shadowfire's blush deepened, and she gave him a sidelong glance, eyes green. "Yeah, I guess so." She put her hoodie back on, Toby mumbling words of protest.

"L-leave it off, Shadowfire." He said, eyes narrowed. It wasn't a demand; more like a plea. Shadowfire shrugged.


Toby pulled off her gloves and his own. He pulled her hips closer to his, and wrapped his arms around her. "I love you." He whispered into her ear. Shadowfire immediately took in the embrace and wrapped her arms even tighter around him. Her wings naturally appeared and she did the same with them.

"Oh, I love you more." Shadowfire said, scars glowing. "Your the best thing that's ever happened to me!"

Toby put his nose against hers. "Same h-here." He said, half-smiling. Shadowfire was sitting on his lap now, even if she didn't realize it yet. Toby pulled her into a kiss. She entwined her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back. They both pulled back and she ruffled his dusty brown hair with her hand, wings disappearing again.

She got off of his lap in an instant, watching the sunset which was in hues of pink, orange and red. The both looked at each other for a long while before she kissed him again, right when the sun was sinking below the horizon.


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