Shadowfire was running through the forest, the greenery no more than a blur. She literally burst the doors opened, the wood shattering on the floor.

"I heard Toby went missing!" She screeched, a look of panic written on her face. She saw BEN Drowned walk up to her with raised eyebrows and a smirk.

"That's not my baby!" Shadowfire hissed, her eyes red with malice as she pushed BEN away. "Where the hell is my TOBY?"

Slenderman walked up to her, trying to calm her with hushed words. A growl was rumbling deep in her throat. "It's okay. He only went missing a few... days ago."

Shadowfire clenched her fists. "I will find him, even if in costs my life." There was a vicious smirk on her lips, her eyes even more crimson, and glowing. Everyone gasped.

"Shadowfire, calm down!" Breathed BEN with a blush. Shadowfire looked into all of their eyes, and jumped out the doorway again.

Oh, Toby.


Shadowfire looked where Toby would have been; right in the middle of the fortress. Her breaths were coming out in jagged gasps.

"Toby!" She yelled into the night skies. Her nails were digging into her palms, and she was trying to keep from tearing the forest apart. "Toby, where are you?" Shadowfire said with a pathetic cry. "It's Shadowfire!" Her knees wobbled and she fell to the pine needle-covered floor. "I am lost without you."

Tears threatened to fall down her cheeks. She gripped the ground with her feminine, gloved hands. "I love you." She gasped, rolling onto her back and looking at the stars.

She heard a sound in the trees ahead of her.

Shadowfire darted her gaze quickly to the noise, pricking her keen elven ears. "Is that you?" She said through telepathy, even though she knew that Toby wouldn't be able to understand her.

Tears brimmed the edge of Shadowfire's eyes as she got up with her elbows, and saw her Creepypasta love standing in front of her, clothes bloodied. She could see his eyes crinkle as he dropped his hatchets with shaky hands. Shadowfire whined, wanting him, wanting to feel every inch of him.

She fell into his arms, pressing her face to his chest, hearing his heart-beat against her. He wrapped her tightly around him with his arms, stroking her head with his hand. "Oh, Sh-Shadowfire." He grunted. The Demon heard sadness clear in his voice. "I missed you so much." Toby breathed shakily.

Shadowfire looked into his eyes. His arms brushed along her waist. He wrapped tighter around her, entwining his arms around the Fire Elemental as she clipped off his mouth guard and kissed him, eager for him. She truly loved this boy.

Her scars glowed bright. He picked her up bridal style. She formed her wings, wrapping them around Ticci Toby until they got home.


No one was home at this time, so Toby placed Shadowfire on his lap, kissing her neck. He pulled her sweatshirt halfway up her waist, revealing her stripes and making her shiver. She purred as he kissed her stomach, a moan following. He stopped, giggling at the noises coming from her mouth. "Y-you missed me?" He asked with raised eyebrows and a sexy but dangerous look in his eyes.

Shadowfire groaned. "Of course I did! Can't you fucking tell?" She whined, wanting more. Toby brushed her belly.

The female assassin ripped off his hoodie, brushing his chest. She could feel his pleasuring shiver against her fingers. She hungrily pulled off his goggles with her hands, aching to be with him forever. She owned him.

Shadowfire's lips tugged in a feral grin. And she gave him her all.


Shadowfire was sleeping on Toby, both of them naked. His arms were wrapped around her in a protective embrace, their hands entwined with each other.

She woke with a start as the door opened. The fire assassin giggled, enough to make Toby wake, too. For reasurrance, she wrapped her tail around his bare legs. He stroked her hair.

Quickly putting a blanket over them both, Shadowfire closed her amber eyes and pretend to be asleep, Toby following after her lead.

Slenderman and the rest of the Creepypastas walked through the door, their clothes all dirty. They stopped dead when they saw Toby and Shadowfire.

"Oh my fucking god." Clockwork said, clicking her tongue, a hint of jealousy in her voice. Toby let out a faint growl as he went all alpha-male, wrapping his arms even tighter around Shadowfire. She did the same with her own tail.

She heard Clockwork's footsteps as she walked closer to them, but Laughing Jack grabbed her shoulder. "Leave them alone." He grumbled.

Clockwork shrugged him off. "No fair. He's mine." She hissed, walking back.

Shadowfire couldn't take it anymore. She loosened her grip on Toby's legs with her tail, and pulled out of his grasp. She realized she was butt naked, but she didn't really care about anything anymore. BEN's head went back as he had a nosebleed, holding it with his hand.

Her wings were outstretched and frilled, and clothes went over her in a flash of black light. "You really don't want to be playing with fire, Clockwork." She said with a hiss of steam. The female Creepypasta backed away a bit, but still held her guard. Toby was just staring at the two females, blushing.

Clockwork glared at her. "But... I love Toby." She said with a shaky breath.

Toby brought his head up, but the blanket was still covering him. "I love her m-more." He replied, gesturing to Shadowfire. "I love her more th-than you." He finished, his face and the tone of his voice blank. Clockwork sniffed, but walked away.

Shadowfire smiled at him, and he smiled back. She waited sternly until everyone left until she layed with him again, hushed through the night.

True Love~

Shadowfire was outside, doing cartwheels and backflips on the grass. A butterfly caught the assassin's eye, and she ran after it. Ticci Toby stopped in front of her, grabbing the butterfly with his own hands.

"H-here, butterfly." He said with mock-amusement in his voice. He put the insect in her gloves, blushing.

"Don't call me a butterfly!" She said with a laugh and gritted teeth. The colourful species flew out of sight. Shadowfire's sharp, white canine teeth were shown as she smiled wide. Her gaze traveled to the hose at the end of the lawn. With a wave of her hand, a blue water balloon appeared in the air, and she threw it on Toby's sweatshirt.

Ticci Toby mumbled words of protest. He went and grabbed the hose, turning it on and squirting her in the face. She sputtered, spitting out the cold water. Shadowfire threw another balloon at him, one after another until he had to take his sweatshirt off because it was so wet, and she did the same.

"Try and catch me, Toby." She yelped, shifting into her cheetah form and running fast.

When she was finally behind the mansion, she didn't realize Toby was lurking close to her. Water hit her with a flash, the coldness a bit too much to handle. She turned back into her human form, holding up her hands. "Okay, I surrender!" She screamed.

Toby dropped the hose, hands on his hips proudly. "Y-yeah, I thought you-" Before he could finish his sentence, Shadowfire threw multiple water balloons at his bare chest, making him screech and stumble back, shaking his head and trying to get the water droplets out of his wet hair. While he was distracted, she tumbled over him, body covered with grass. She held a water balloon a few inches from his face, scars glowing and eyes green.

"You better be prepared, sir." She growled, eyes narrowed. He held up the hose to her breasts, water spraying all the way down her waist. Shadowfire tossed so many water balloons at him that she lost count after the seventh one. When she was done, breathing heavily, Toby snatched a kiss on her forehead, tackling her down so he was on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. They made out for a few minutes before Shadowfire pushed him away with a grunt.

She got up, Toby following her. She hit his crotch with a balloon. He gripped the hose tighter, getting her legs wet. She snapped her fingers and shorts wrapped her legs instead of her skinny jeans. Before Toby caught sight of her again, Shadowfire ran off into the forest, her boots and the sloshing of water the only things that could be heard.


She found a small lake and jumped in. Her and Toby swam around for a while before the both got out, soaked with water.

She shivered. Her legs trembled as she got off the ground, the water droplets disappearing. She held out a hand for Toby, telling him to take it. She smiled sexily at him.

Toby grasped her hand, quickly putting her belly against his. He put his hands dangerously close to her ass, right above it as he kissed her lips. "If anything, Toby, you taste good." She said between a kiss, looking up at him with innocent eyes, him staring back.

He smiled, pulling his lips against hers again.


After the water fight that her and Toby had, they practically slept on the couch for weeks. As those weeks passed, they were getting close to Toby's birthday.

Which was today.

Shadowfire and Toby were on the couch together, sleeping. She was lulled by his gentle snoring and warmth of his body against hers, but woke with a start as the other Creepypastas came up to the both of them and yelled, "Happy Birthday~!" To Toby.

Ticci Toby widened his eyes, putting his orange goggles and mouth guard back on. He smiled at all of them- even Clockwork. But he did move closer to Shadowfire, like he always did.

"Th-thank you all." He said drowsily, narrowing his eyebrows. "But I was sleeping. This could have w-waited."

Masky laughed, nudging Hoodie with his elbow and making him move away. "Yeah, you were sleeping with Shadowfire." Masky said in a mocking voice.

Shadowfire raised a brow. "How is that funny-" She started, but Toby cut him off.

"It would be cool if you actually slept with y-your girlfriend." He said, smirking. "At least I am a-always with mine." He looked into Shadowfire's confused eyes, giving her an eskimo kiss and making her blush and move her face away.

Toby got up off the couch with Shadowfire following him, feeling like an awkward third wheel until he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a passionate kiss, enough to make her shoulders relax. Grazing his hands against her waist and placing them firmly on her hips, he gave her a hug before Sally said, "Come on, it's your birthday." She whined. "Stop kissing Shadowfire for once."

Toby pried his amber-golden gaze away from Shadowfire's, blushing faintly. "O-oh yeah. I guess so." He said.

And so the partying began.


After eating mouthfuls of cake, food, and drinking beer until they couldn't think straight, Shadowfire stumbled on the chair in the living room, sighing and feeling hung over.

She realized Toby wasn't with her and decided to check on him, before she got a devilish idea that somewhat increased her lust bubble.


She walked into Toby's room to find him cleaning his hatchets, sitting on his bed and looking up at the ceiling every so often. When he saw Shadowfire he smiled warmly, but when he looked down and saw she was only wearing lacy underwear and a bra, he widened his eyes, dropping both weapons to the floor. He held his nose as if to contain a bleeding. Shadowfire's heart rate increased when she saw his dick rising slightly.

Toby backed away to the wall of his bed as Shadowfire crawled onto the mattress by her hands and knees, tail swishing slightly. She spread her legs, placing herself on Toby's lap. Gently, his manhood pressed against her, making Toby let out a breath, a soft moan escaping his lips.

"Come to me and I will seduce you." She whispered dangerously. Shadowfire clipped his mouth guard off, kissing him softly. He willingly licked her bottom lip, cupping her face with his hand. Shadowfire pulled away, but Toby wanted much more.

"Wh-what are you doing?" He asked her, a piece of hair in his face. Shadowfire knew that he knew exactly what she was doing. He just wanted to hear her say it.

"I want you." She said sexily with a feral grin, her sharp canine teeth almost glowing. She felt Toby's dick raise even more against her and Shadowfire purred.

"I-is this just birthday sex?" Toby whimpered, straddling her legs around his hips. He added something very naughty in her ear, unwrapping her legs and even going so far as kissing Shadowfire's inner thighs, dangerously close to her region. Her blush was gone and was replaced with a lust-filled glance.

"Oh, this is real." Shadowfire said with a straight face and raised eyebrows. "Definitely real."

Toby didn't give Shadowfire any time to contemplate as he shoved his tongue roughly in her mouth, exploring every inch as their saliva mingled. She felt the friction of him against her, and moaned as he ripped off her underwear and bra. She got on his lap once more, her breasts pressing against his chest.

Shadowfire took off his own clothing, all except for his boxers. Toby whined, not wanting to take them off himself. Shadowfire chuckled and pulled them off, gently touching the tip of his dick and making him flinch and groan with ecstasy.

As he plunged deep, the bed wars began.

Falling In Love~

This chapter is dedicated to Toby meeting Shadowfire for the first time, and falling in love with her. <3 enjoy.

Toby was getting done with training. He strapped his weapons in the belt that he held over his hips, wiping the sweat from his brow as he, Masky, and Hoodie walked back to the mansion silently, catching their breaths.

When the three of them walked into the two wooden black doors, he immediately felt overwhelmed by all of the people talking and whispering. Clockwork looked at him and smiled. He blushed faintly, narrowing his eyes but quickly looked away and headed into the spare room where he usually put his belongings.

Ticci Toby casually swaggered through the doorway despite the other Creepypastas staring at him.

His relaxed smile under his mouth guard faded when he saw her, and the world shifted under his feet.

The female sitting on the mattress was definitely not of this world.

She had unusually stunning bright amber eyes, the blue around them shining whenever she darted her gaze from person to person. She was clenching the bed sheets with badly scarred hands that matched his own. When she dared to look at the others, her lips curled back in a snarl, and he could see sharp, white canine teeth glinting faintly in the dim light of the room.

She even had a tail. The tip of it whipped back and fourth, and it was glowing faintly as if it were to catch on fire any moment.

Clockwork, Jane, Lazari, and Sally ran into the room.

Even they were stunned. Toby wondered if she usually wore a jacket over her body, because it could easily make a guy fall in love. When she finally looked at Ticci Toby, she flashed him a feral grin, making him gulp.

When he realized that his eyes had been fixated on her the whole time, he looked away, feeling heat wash over him. The immortal female got off up onto her feet. Toby gasped silently. Wings appeared in a flash of red light.

"Who are you all?" She asked in an intimidating, animal-like voice, and he felt the temperature in the room heat. The girl was taller than all of them; she was at least seven feet- maybe taller.

Slenderman matched her height, tendrils outstretched. "We are the Creepypastas, Shadowfire. And you are one of us now."

Shadowfire. Toby said to himself, clenching his hands. As Shadowfire crossed her arms, he felt fear rise in his belly. She was a killer; a lethal one, too, by the look of her. She stared at him with anger clear in her crystal-gold eyes and Toby tried to pry her gaze off of hers, but failed.

Voices around the boy broke the spell that she held on him, and he shook his head, feeling uncomfortably warm. He whipped his head away, trying to think straight again. He felt Shadowfire's lava-like gaze scorch his back as he climbed out the door, stumbling down the hallway and into his own room.

He didn't want to admit this- he really didn't- but as much as he had been regretting it, Toby had to.

He was falling in love with the Demon of Fire.


Week 2

Toby hadn't talked to Shadowfire at all really since she got to the mansion. He was sitting on the couch when he saw her go out the doors with two swords in her hands, and immediately took this as a chance to speak with her.

She was silently walking through the forest, and she didn't know yet that Toby was walking behind her. He tapped her shoulder and when she turned around he flinched with fear when he saw how bright red her eyes were.

"What are you doing here?" She growled, Darting her gaze left and right. Toby couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

"U-uh..." He began, blushing a deep shade of red. "I... Um- w-was wondering if you w-wanted to-" Shadowfire cut him off with a sigh.

"Fine." She grumbled. "But if you die, don't blame me. You're the one who came here." Toby gulped.

She whipped back some branches with her katana blade, holding the hilt of the weapon until her knuckles were white.

Then emerged a village.

When the people saw her, they immediately started running for cover, dashing this way and that.

"It's Shadowfear!" One of them yelped. "It's the Star Child!"

Toby knew that they hit a nerve by calling her that from the growl she made, and with a flash of light, she was in another form.

Toby's breath caught in his throat.

Her four scars glowed bright for a split second before her eyelashes got longer. There was a black, leather jacket over her combat bra, and her tail spikes were longer.

Before he could examine anything else, she spread her wings until they were bigger than him and slashed her katana's this way and that before the blades were no more than a blur.

He marveled the way she fought; with such skill and speed and agility and grace. Toby shook his head and used his own blades on the people around them.

His skills matched her own- Toby used her fighting as a tactic and copied her, which made her speed increase. Shadowfire grunted with effort, and erupted the village with bright crimson fire.

Toby whined in shock. She's a fire bringer. He thought to himself, the world stopping for just a moment.

He remembered Slenderman telling the other Creepypastas about her. He remembered so clearly, as it was only a few months ago.

"O-oh my god." He said to himself before fighting even harder. Shadowfire laughed, heat coming off of her in waves.

"Oh, boy. You figured me out." She hissed, before stabbing someone in the throat and making blood spatter everywhere.

"H-how did you know?" Toby asked with fear in his voice, making him squeak.

"I'm not dumb, Toby," she started, spatting out black blood that must've been her own. "I'm an immortal. You know that as well as I do."

When the village was no more than multicoloured fire, she only then sheathed her swords. Blood was all over her body, turning Toby on a bit and making him want to hug her tightly and kiss her. He imagined her kissing his neck- all over his body, in fact. He shivered.

"Do you talk?" She asked faintly so Ticci Toby could barely hear her. He raised a brow.

"U-uh, yeah. I talk." He said in a deep voice. Shadowfire smiled slightly, sitting on a dead tree stump and scooting over so Toby could sit down next to her. He willingly took the seat, wanting to be with her more than anything.

Shadowfire looked up at the sky. The sun was setting and was in hues of reds and oranges and pinks. She looked at him.

"Why do you wear a mask?" She asked, pursing her lips.

"N-none of your business." He said defensively, putting his hatchets away. Shadowfire glared at him.

"If you want me to tell you about me, then tell me why you wear that mouth guard, you asshole." Shadowfire growled with a sneer.

He widened his eyes. "I-I wanna know about you." He whispered. So he told her.

He told her about his past, about his abusive dad and suicidal mother. About how his sister died in a car accident. He swallowed hard as he held back tears.

He told her about how he was depressed in his final years at home... and how Slenderman rescued him from the fire that almost took his life- and the scar across his cheek that marked his life story.

Shadowfire had a frown written on her face the whole time; he could tell that she had been listening. She smirked.

"I can relate to you," She said with an emotionless voice. Her tired grin formed into a frown again, and she looked up at him with a sidelong glance. "But I am not going to tell you right now." She clenched her hands into fists. "My... my name is Shadowfire. If- you didn't know." She had a hard time telling him, and Toby didn't know why.

She slid in closer to him, eyes brighter than ever. "You fought wonderfully today." She grumbled sexily. Toby moved his hand closer to hers, so they were intertwined.

"Th-thank you." He replied, breathless at her beauty and perfect body. Her breasts bounced as she moved a bit closer to him, pulling down his mouth guard and giving him an eskimo kiss on the nose.

She pulled away quickly, sniffing, her cheeks flushed. "I-I'm sorry." She stuttered quietly. "We should get back."

Toby huffed sadly as she pulled away from his hand. His body... ached to touch her. To feel her lips against his, to feel her body when it was pressed against him.

Holding back tears, he got up and walked away with her.

Don't Pretend You Ever Forgot About Me~

Shadowfire Chi was walking down the quiet hallways of the Slender Mansion, wearing nothing but skimpy short shorts and a black tank top. Her boots were scuffing against the floor loudly, and she hissed, trying to pick up her feet.

She was going to go to the bar, but before she even made it down the hall, somebody pushed her against the wall and kissed her, inserting his tongue inside of her mouth. Shadowfire grunted, closing her eyes and pushing him back with such force that it knocked him into the opposite wall.

"What are you doing, Toby?" She asked him with a scowl. "Haven't you had enough attention from me?" The assassin continued, trying to make him remember the night of his birthday.

She heard Toby sigh. He pressed his body against hers. In Shadowfire's mortal form, which was her form right now, she was quite a lot shorter than Ticci Toby. She looked up at him, raising a brow.

"Th-that was a long time ago." He replied, brushing her face with his thumb. "Wh-what can I say? I want you."

Shadowfire crossed her arms, rolling here eyes and blowing a piece of hair from her pale, alluring face. "Well, jeez. I didn't know you were horny all the time." She told him with a low chuckle. She pressed her breasts against his chest, entwining his arms around his shoulders. "If you... want to have a little fun, though, we can."

Toby pressed her against the wall once more, grabbing her ass gently. She gasped, tilting her head back before kissing him. Toby stuck his tongue inside of her mouth, exploring every inch. He took it out and bit her lip. Shadowfire groaned and grinded against his boner.

Ticci Toby then started kissing her neck and collar bone, leaving love bites. He licked her jawline and straddled her legs around his hips. She kicked off her boots, running her hands through his hair as she removed his goggles. Shadowfire traced his scar before kissing him deeply.

Toby grabbed Shadowfire's breasts. She pressed her head to his chest and moaned softly so she wouldn't wake anyone. Toby put his mouth against hers. He licked the drool coming from her mouth and started to make out with her so roughly that the both of them had to stop and catch their breaths every few minutes.

After a few more hours, their lips were still interlocked. Shadowfire realized that it was dawn, and Toby let go of her ass and she un-straddled her legs from him. Toby kissed her nose and fingertips before putting his mouth guard and goggles back on.

"Are you okay now?" Shadowfire whispered in his ear, cupping his face with her hands.

"Y-yes," Toby replied. He entwined his hands with hers before all was back to normal.

Don't Go~

Shadowfire was walking through an alley with Toby, hoping to find something to do. She touched the hilt of her katana for reassurance, relief washing over her.

She just wanted to get away. Maybe to some place elsewhere, she didn't know.

The female wildfire was wearing a dark black tunic and a ebony cloak, so it concealed her and she looked like nothing but a shadow sweeping through the night.

Shadowfire stopped abruptly, holding up a hand and making Toby halt too.

She heard them. The demon knew they were there. "They're a few miles away," she said in a whisper, "get ready." Unsheathing her swords, Shadowfire waited until the men were visible before her and Toby struck.

The mercenary tried to grab Shadowfire, but she swung out her foot, tripping him so he was on the ground in a heartbeat. Before she had time to watch his blood spill, Shadowfire turn to someone else. His weapons were pointed at her. She stayed calm- so very calm.

"Show yourself," He growled. His voice was deep- low and foreign. Toby stepped behind her in seconds as a warning to the mercenary.

Shadowfire chuckled, giving him a deadly smile. "I'd rather not." She replied, bracing herself for an attack. Part of her wanted to show her face; because her beauty was used as a weapon.

The man sighed before striking, but Shadowfire knew he was coming even before he attacked. She caught the dagger Toby threw at her and placed it to the mercenary's throat.

"If you come here again, you'll be sorry, you fool." She told him. "Just stay away, and I won't track you down." The man squirmed, which was a stupid mistake, because all it did was insert the dagger deeper inside of his neck. He choked.

"Leave. Now," She told him as an order. Shadowfire's eyes were bright red when she threw him to the ground. He ran the opposite way as fast as he could.

She grabbed another mortal and elbowed him in the groin, making him sputter. This weakened the mercenary, so Shadowfire grabbed her sword and gouged it in his neck.

There was only one man left. Shadowfire was circling him, Toby on her heels, ready to strike if he came near her. But what the mercenary did was unexpected.

He didn't go for her. Instead, he went behind Shadowfire and banged the pommel of his sword into Toby's head. He fell to the floor, now knocked out.

"Toby!" Shadowfire yelped, clenching the hilts so tight that her knuckles turned white.

Before the man had any time to react, She spread her wings and toppled him over.

"Don't ever touch him!" She yelled madly, eyes glowing. She put her handgun to his head, breathing deeply.

"Bitch." He responded, fear coming off of him in waves. The word enraged her even more.

Shadowfire curled her lips back in a snarl, her tail tip engulfing with flame before she pulled the trigger and the man went limp.

Shadowfire shakily put the gun to the cement, climbing over the mercenary. She stood over Toby, sighing. She put a hand to her temple before lifting him onto her shoulders and flying off.

Fear Will Be the Death of Me~

"Is he okay?"

"Is he dead?"

"Will he ever wake up again?"

Shadowfire had gotten this impression when she came home the day of the fight. Toby still hadn't woken up, but he was okay.

She sighed. "He'll be fine. Stop worrying." She growled under her breath.

"It's all your fault that he is like this." Someone whispered maliciously in her ear. She spun around, curling her lips back in a snarl at Clockwork.

"Actually it isn't my fault, bitch." Shadowfire replied with a sneer, making Clockwork clench her fists. "He did it to himself. Toby will wake up eventually," she continued, blankly staring into Clockwork's dull green eye.

Shadowfire had enough of this. She planned on leaving soon, just getting out of the Slender Mansion altogether. With a frown, she walked outside.

She sighed when she felt the wind brush her face and hair with lover's gentleness. Shadowfire sat on the hillside, breathing in the crisp, chill Autumn air. she clenched her jaw when she heard a familiar voice in her head.

You're worthless, Shadowfire. No one out there will love you.

She bit her lip. "B... but Toby does." The demon replied half-heartedly.

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