about meeting the 'pasta's. Duh.

Meeting the Creepypasta's



Chapter One- Somebody Out to Get Me

Shadowfire walked in the distant woodland, her sword clutched against her side. All she could think of was, I am being watched. I am going to die, right now.

For a 15-year-old immortal, this wasn’t a surprise. Everyone was always out to get Shadowfire. Plus, the annoying part was, everyone thought she was cute. She growled, undoing her ponytail and letting her black-to-red locks fall over her shoulders. Her whole body was shaking. Shadowfire dropped her sword to the ground, and took off her black sweatshirt, revealing a red-and-black combat bra. Her eyes were turning a light blue, which meant fear, and the stripes along her waist and arms were a fading blue to purple to pink.

Then, she heard a twig snap.

She quickly and silently picked up her sword, holding the flat part of the blade gracefully against her pale white nose. She stood there for a moment, her hair blowing in the wind. Her tail whipped back and forth, the scales turning bright blue. As her fear got even stronger, a figure emerged from behind a pine tree.

Before Shadowfire even had time to move, the figure ran up swiftly to Shadowfire, and she felt a knife pressed coldly against her throat. A huff of flame came out of her nostrils, and she struggled to breathe.

“Drop the sword, kid,” the voice was female, and thick with rage. “I said, drop the sword! Now!” scared, she felt the hilt of the weapon slowly slip from her hands, falling to the ground. Her eyes were now bright fire red with rage, and her fangs were forming while her black tongue flickered out of her mouth.

“Let me go, slut bag!” Shadowfire gasped, smoke coming out of her mouth. But the female ignored her completely, sending a wave of rage over Shadowfire. Another shadowy thing emerged from the trees, wearing a dark suit and tie.

The female was clear now. She had a clock for one eye, ticking with every second, and her one good eye was a bright hue of green. Her dusty brown hair was down to her waist, and a white top was shrewn over her torso, up to her stomach. A bright light washed over Shadowfire.

The second figure was a male with no face, no hair. His face was as pale as Shadowfire’s, and he had long, black tendrils coming out of his back. “I found her, Slenderman!” shouted the female. Slenderman wrapped his tendrils around Shadowfire’s waist, and the female covered her mouth.

“Don’t worry. This will all be over soon.” the tall white male looked into her eyes, turning them a dull grey. All was silent for a moment, then everything was white and static, and Shadowfire blacked out.

Chapter Two- A Meet and Greet With Killers

Shadowfire was having the familiar dream where she was falling, falling, and she couldn't shapeshift into anything. She woke up, her eyes wide. She was shaking and there was duck tape over her mouth so she couldn't gasp.

She was sitting on a bed with black sheets and a black and red canopy above her. There was a door to the left of her and she heard a loud banging.

Where the hell am I?

She tried to lift up her hands to get the duck tape off her mouth, but they were tied together with rope. Her eyes turned a bright red-orange with frustration, and as she was about to turn insane, the door swung opened with a loud creak.

It was that guy with no face. His long black tendrils seem to disappear, as they were not around his back this time. After he walked in, she saw a group of other people that looked odd in Shadowfire's eyes.

"Hi~!" said a little girl with a teddy bear and green eyes. She had blood dripping down them as she blinked, her sparkly pink dress shining as it swished back and fourth.

Shadowfire inched farther away as a boy with a green hat and clothes walked up to her, trying to act "cool". He also had blood coming from his eyes, but instead of green they were demonic black with red pupils. Shadowfire swished her tail as he said,

"Hey, baby," he flipped his blonde hair out of his eyes. "Take my hand and I will get the duck tape off your beautiful face." Slenderman pulled the boy back with his big hands, shaking his head. He looked at Shadowfire and she closed her eyes, afraid of what would happen if she looked at his face again.

"Its okay. We won't hurt you." he said calmly, the wind of the forest in his voice. "We are here to take you in."

She understood why his voice sounded like that. He was using telepathy. "Wh-wha-" at that, the duck tape and the rope disappeared, and Shadowfire got up, her hair messy, out of its ponytail.

"This is BEN and Sally." Slenderman started, pointing at the two killers. "And here is Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack." he gestured with his hand to a weird-looking-clown-thing and a boy with black goo for eyes and a blue mask. "Over here is Jane and Jeff." she saw an alien-looking Asian with a very pale unattractive face and next to her was a guy with a bleached face, no eyelids and a smile cut into his face. Shadowfire tried not to cringe with disgust. "over here is Bloody Painter. You can call him Helen Otis, though." she saw the boy with a white mask and a painted red smile on it. He took it off, revealing his black hair and brilliant blue eyes, and he waved, smiling. She blushed. "Zalgo is right here." Shadowfire had her eyes set on the black and red mouth-demon-thing with an odd smile. Then he turned into a teenager with glowing red wings and she immediately felt different about him. "This is Toby.. Ticci Toby. Or Toby Rogers." she already knew who this was. He was twitching, and he wouldn't meet her eyes. He had orange goggles and a mask. "Here's Clockwork," the slut-bag with the clock for an eye was looking at Toby with pleading eyes. Toby pushed her away gently, looking at Shadowfire and blushing. Shadowfire smiled for the first time she was here. "Last but not least... these are my brothers." he didn't bother looking at them.

There was a guy with absolutely no pants on, only a black cloak. He smiled at her revealing his sharp teeth, flicking his tongue in and out. She hissed at him, her eyes slowly turning dark red. Then there was a rainbow-suited polka dotted thing with a joyful smile and balloons in his right hand. He looked gay, to be honest. Shadowfire tried to hold back her laugh. Then she saw a man with glasses and a plaid scarf. He was examining his fingers.

"Offenderman, Splendorman, Trenderman... and me. I'm Slenderman." Shadowfire was suddenly overwhelmed by all of the people, and all that came out of her mouth was,

"Who are you? And why am I here?" she glared at Ben who was smiling at her.

"You have proved to us that you are a worthy killer. Join us." Shadowfire got up, crossing her arms and lifting her head proudly.

"We are the creepypasta's."

Chapter Three- Getting to Know Clockwork

Shadowfire was sitting down on a dusty wooden stool, her legs crossed and her wings outstretched, hiding her body from everyone else. She huffed, smoke coming out of her mouth as she did so.

Then, she felt someone gently tap her wing. She peeked her head out, her eyes now amber, their original colour, and glared at the Creepypasta standing in front of her.

"What do you want?" she demanded Ticci Toby. He twitched, and put his hands in his pockets, blushing nervously and not meeting her bright amber-blue eyes.

"I-I... just wanted to tell you dinner is ready." said the boy, twitching once more. She let her wings disappear as she graciously got off of the stool and brushed off her pants, gingerly. She put her hands behind her back, and everyone went silent as she sat at the chair at the far end of the long, oak wood table. The silence was overwhelming.

She looked down at her gloved hands. She slowly lifted her head, while blushing as she saw that everyone was staring at her warily. The silence was broken as Slenderman walked out from the kitchen and brought plates of hot wings, orange chicken, pizza, and much more of delicious foods.

"Eat up," he told everyone, and they all grabbed a plate and started to dish up food.

animals. she hissed silently as she went for the last plate. But she saw another pale hand reach for it, and she lifted her head.

It was Clockwork.

They both laid their hands on the damned plate at the same time, and she shrugged. "Can I please just have this plate?" Shadowfire asked Clockwork with a bored expression written on her face.

Clockwork gave Shadowfire a disgusted look. "Um, obviously I touched it first," she blinked her gum-drop green eyes innocently. "Its mine."

Shadowfire got up out of her seat, eyes now red with black flecks. "Now, that is no way to treat your guest, Clockwork." she put more emphasis on her name just to anger her further. Clockwork whined.

"Give me the plate, kid!" she flipped her dusty brown hair out of her feminine, pale face, while yanking the plate out of Shadowfire's hands. Shadowfire tried to reach for it, wanting the last of the orange chicken before it was gone.

"No!" Shadowfire's hands turned into red-fire and she touched Clockwork gently. She yelped and fell back, stumbling on her chair as she fell to the floor. The plate was in mid-air, and Shadowfire caught it with her hands before it hit the ground and shattered. Proudly and confidently, she got the orange chicken and poured all of it onto her plate.

"don't mess with me, kid." she looked at Clockwork with full scorn, who now had a red face and every other creepypasta at the table was laughing at her.

She then began to eat.

Chapter Four- Training Day

The Demon silently walked out of the mansion, planting herself on a nearby hill, grassy enough that she could lay down. She closed her eyes, breathed in deeply, and exhaled. Her tail and eyes turned a galaxy-like print, the way the sky was now. As soon as the colourful smoke engulfed her in the daze, she opened her eyes and found that Slenderman was "staring" right at her. She yelped and stumbled back a bit.

"I noticed you came out, child. Would you like to train?" he motioned with his hands, and Toby, Masky and Hoody walked out from behind him. All but Masky, who had a camera, were holding weapons.

Shadowfire glanced at the sky once more and sighed. "Fine. Whatever." a shiny orb appeared in the air a few feet and she pulled out both of her swords, taking them out of the black and silver scabbards. The sheathes fell to the floor, and Slenderman's proxy's stared at her. "What? I thought we were training?" she crouched down, bracing herself for a practice attack.

Ticci Toby swung his hatchet close to her face, but she swung her body back, and rather placed the sword against his weapon, harder, harder, until he fell to the ground. He huffed but willingly got off of the patch of grass, and swung for her middle.

Yes, he did try. But she blocked him at the last minute with the flat part of the blade, and swung the other sword closer to Toby's neck area. He put the blade against hers, and the metal against metal let out a clink noise that echoed through the sky. She spun once, and cut Toby's hand a bit. He didn't let out a shout of pain or distress, and he almost didn't know it was there.

When Shadowfire was distracted looking at the creepypasta's bleeding hand, Toby swung his broad blade and cut her face. She gasped, but even though it was bleeding, she didn't take that much notice of it as she made her swords disappear. She punched Toby in the face, making him fall. His head hit the ground with a thud, and she pulled out her gun and pointed it to his face.

As she saw the startled look on the boy's face, she let out a breathy laugh. "you actually thought that I was going to shoot you?" she offered Toby a hand, which he took and got up. "see," she pulled out the cartridge showing him that there was no bullets in it. "it isn't even loaded." she threw the gun on the floor in front of Toby, who was breathing heavily as she walked toward the mansion.

"Oh, and I might need that," Shadowfire added, winking at Toby while grabbing the gun, and making her way back to her room.

Chapter Five- Bonfire With Friends

Shadowfire walked outside to the unlit wood where to fire was supposed to be. Slender told everyone that they were doing this to get to know her better. She hissed, and planted herself in a black chair.

Right as she was going to relax, Sally ran up to her and said "boo". Shadowfire jumped a bit, making a fist. But as she looked back and saw it was Sally, she put her hand down. "you scared me!" Sally laughed, and sat right next to Shadowfire.

Then, Eyeless Jack walked out, sitting in the chair farthest from her and Sally. After several minutes, all but Clockwork occupied a chair. BEN looked at Slenderman expectantly. "Who's going to light the fire?" his eyes were then on Shadowfire, and he smiled like a moron. Slenderman looked around.

"I don't know. Maybe Jeff-" Shadowfire stopped him, hand in the air.

"No," she started. "I can. I am The Demon of Eternal Flame, after all." she held out her finger, and red fire suddenly went around the bricks, licking the wood and turning it to charcoal. All of the Creepypasta's gasped in awe, and looked at her.

She shrugged. "its all about practice. And skill."

Jane looked up. "I have an idea!" she yelled loudly. "we can ask Shadowfire questions!" the Demon looked up and blushed.

"I will go first." said Laughing Jack. He looked at Shadowfire. "who is your best friend?" his blue eyes scanned her body, as if to test that she was worthy enough to be one of them.

"Scar," she told them. "Scar Bloodfire. She's my best friend." more than a friend, Shadowfire thought, my mentor. she shook her head, seeing Slenderman rub his neck.

"Um..." said Slendy, and the other 'pasta's murmured to themselves.

"What?" Shadowfire asked, glaring. "is something wrong?"

"No!" blurted Laughing Jack, blushing. "lets move on."

Shadowfire stared at Toby, and pointed to him. "you go next, boy." he moved back a little.

"W-what?" he stuttered, still not meeting her gaze. Shadowfire sighed, annoyed.

"ASK ME A QUESTION." she put her arms above her head and crossed her legs.

"Um... d-do you have a b-boyfriend?" the twitchy boy quickly looked down, blushing. Everyone bid there "ooo's" and "ahh's", and Masky shouted,

"TOBY HAS A CRUSH EVERYBODY!" they all started laughing.

Shadowfire laughed, a faint blush on her face, too. "No seriously," she added, "STOP." her tail tip was now engulfed in fire, and everyone shut up. She calmly set her hands on her lap. "No, Toby," she replied, "I do not.. have a boyfriend." she looked at Ticci Toby, who's brown hair and hands were covering his face. She frowned. "maybe not such a stupid question next time." she pointed to BEN, and the questions continued until the sun set.


Toby's POV

After all the embarrassment the other Creepypasta's brought on Toby, he lifted his hands from his face.

No. He didn't like Shadowfire. Right?

That wasn't true. He loved Shadowfire. The way she smiled every time someone said something funny, her laugh. The way her soft hair blew in the chill night air. Even when she got angry, it was stunningly attractive. Her eyes always flickered every time the fire did, and he wished he could break the space between them and kiss her.

Maybe he didn't claim her.

But that didn't mean he couldn't have a crush on her.

Chapter Six- An Unlikely Surprise

Shadowfire was lying on the grassy hill, finally by herself for the first time since she came here. It was the middle of Summer, and was still warm outside even though it was midnight. A wave of heat washed over her as the wind blew, and she closed her eyes for a few minutes.

When she opened them again, she saw a figure looming above her. "HOLY CRAP!" she yelled, jumping back a few feet. "Scar! Are you real?" she poked her face.

"Yeah, I'm real, derp." said Scar. "didn't you know that I hang out here?" she laughed, but Shadowfire still had a confused look on her face.

"Wha- you do? Why the hell didn't you tell me?" she whined, ripping out grass from the hillside.

"Because. I just.. wanted it to be a surprise." said Scar. "also, I am dating Laughing Jack." Shadowfire looked at her and gasped childishly.

"Oh really? That's why he blushed when we were doing those questions and shit.. never mind." she smiled. "but I'm happy for you."

Scar now asked a question. "are you crushing on anyone?" she whispered as if someone would overhear her even though they were both outside, while elbowing her.

Shadowfire thought of those amber eyes looking at her. Ticci Toby... she thought. "uh.. kind of. No!" she added, blushing. All she could think of were those eyes. "okay, yes. His name is Toby, and-" Scar cut her off.

"OH MY GOD! You like Toby?" Scar screeched loudly. Shadowfire's eyes widened.

"Shh." Shadowfire glared at her. "only a little. That was a lie. She liked him a lot.

"Okay. Whatever." said Scar. "Well yeah. Now you know that I stay here sometimes. But now that your here, I'll come more often." she smiled.

Shadowfire returned the friendly smile. "okay. Well, it was a fucking surprise to see you here. And you scared the living hell out of me." they then started to talk until dawn broke.

Chapter Seven- The Vision

Today, Shadowfire was in her room, staring at the piano in front of her. She put her bangs behind her elf ears, and examined the pianoforte with her hands.

A very shiny black stool. When she saw the ivory keys, they looked untouched and clean. There was even a place to put her music notes.

But the question was; How the hell did they know that she could play piano?

She huffed, her eyes turning grey with boredom. Shadowfire sat on the stool, her tail hanging over the side. She took off her black and red gloves, revealing her badly scarred hands. Closing her eyes, she played the keys.

This was her absolute favourite to play. The Demon never knew what the song was called, but always used to play it for the guards at the Asylum. Shadowfire didn't even have to think about the tune anymore. It just kind of flowed out, like nothing could stop her.

In very few seconds she was swamped in the familiar daze. This time, the stars were a bit brighter, and colours were all around her, a galaxy of blue and pink and bright red. Her eyes turned the colours of the sky.

After a bit of flying, she came across... someone. She had red auburn hair that faded into blonde. Shadowfire's eyes got wider as the female turned around.

Right then she knew who it was.

It was her mother. Her pale face and finely pointed ears identified it. Strewn across her body was a beautiful flowing green dress, matching her eye colour. The shoulder-armor was gold with faint silver markings, and she was wearing a black and gold belt.

Ella walked closer to her. She spread her arms, and Shadowfire just stood there, petrified for a moment before falling into her mothers' arms.

Shadowfire's eyes were brimmed with tears, her pupils now silver. "M-mother? Are you real?" she gasped for breath.

"Yes, Shadowfire. I am indeed real." Ella ran her hand through her hair. "how are you?"

"Mother, I miss you!" she yelled. Though Shadowfire felt pathetic crying like this, she desperately missed Mother. "will you ever.. come back?" tears fell rapidly from her face.

Ella sighed. "I'm afraid not. But I will always be with you." she put a hand on her heart. "in here."

Then everything stopped.

Blackness erupted around them, circling the sky. Shadowfire now couldn't breathe, as she was falling to the floor. Black fire engulfed her body, and she screamed in pain as it cut her. Black blood dripped from her mouth. Her mother was now nowhere to be seen, and a plume of pink flame was left in her wake.

Her sister Darkness blocked her vision, now blurry. "its all over now."


Shadowfire woke, her heart pounding. She felt sick.

Her eyes were damp, and she let out a cry before bursting into tears, red fire now all around her. She fell to the carpet, grasping it with her hands, tears falling to the floor. Shadowfire was suddenly in pain, her stomach twisting and her vision swirling.

Then she heard someone slowly walk into her room.

Shadowfire didn't dare look up. She was breathing heavily, and she couldn't see over the fire around her.

Toby's POV

Toby was standing inside her doorway, holding his bloody hatchet. He dropped it when he saw Shadowfire now lying on the floor, knees to her chest. Toby ran over to her, kneeling next to her.

He touched her back. She seemed not to notice, and he twitched, blushing and looking away. "a-are you okay?" he asked, taking his goggles off. His warm amber eyes were on her.

Shadowfire flinched a little, and whined. She let her knees drop, and she lay on her back, wiping away tears from her face. Her eyes were a dull blue colour, as for her stripes along her waist and her tail scales. Her gaze was blank, but hinted with deep sorrow. It hurt Ticci Toby just to see her this way.

"C-can I help y-you?" he asked, leaning closer to her face. She sat up, sniffing. Shadowfire opened her mouth as if to say something, but paused, the fire now gone.

"I-... you can't help me.. with m-my emotions." she replied, looking down, tears still falling from her eyes to the floor. Toby sighed, and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She tensed a bit, but relaxed, and leaned into him, now crying all over his shoulder.

She shakily hugged him back tightly. He moved his hands to her hips, but she pushed away. Her face was red.

"Th-thank you." Shadowfire let out a sad laugh. "I really needed that." Toby rested his head, wanting her in his arms, closer to him again.

"What h-happened?" he asked. Toby probably hit a nerve, because he saw a hint of silver flash her gaze before disappearing.

"Um.. I saw my.." she gasped. ".. I'm not ready to t-talk about what happened yet." Shadowfire closed her eyes, getting up and walking to her bed. She planted herself on the mattress, head in her hands.

Toby knew she would refuse if he kissed her, so he sat next to her. He desperately wanted her.

But it would never work out the way he hoped it would.

Chapter Eight- Life Isn't An Option

Shadowfire was still in shock about what happened last night. She couldn't sleep, and there was bags under her eyes. Her hair was ruffled, and for some reason there was blood on her hands but she didn't know why this time.

So she got off her bed, put on her boots, and went outside.

It has been a while since she has been in this forest. She liked to feel the wind in her hair again. Shadowfire took out her swords and warily walked forward.

What she didn't know was that Ticci Toby was right behind her. He walked in front of of her and faced the Demon with his two hatchets. Her eyes widened.

"What do you want?" she asked softly, clenching her teeth and holding her swords with a tighter grip. "come and help me kill, eh?" Shadowfire whispered in his ear, and he twitched.

"U-uh.. I was g-going to see i-if you needed-" she cut him off harshly.

"Okay, boy." she swung her one of her swords in the air for stamina, and ran.

They stopped in front of a village, and Toby accidently ran into Shadowfire with a thud. He blushed, and said "I'm s-sorry,"

"Shut your damn mouth." she replied, looking back and glaring at him. A little boy was walking through the tents, a teddy bear in his hands. Shadowfire licked her lips. "okay. Run."

Shadowfire picked up speed, Toby following close behind her. She stopped in front of the little boy, swords ready.

"I will give you three seconds to run." she growled. "One..." the boy just stood there. "two.. three." Shadowfire hissed, her eyes turning red as she slashed his forehead, the cuts setting on fire. The little boy screeched, holding his temple. His mother walked out from a tent, crying, but Shadowfire and Toby slashed his chest so it formed an "X".

"G-go." Toby said to the women. "go, r-run." the women ran, but Shadowfire grabbed her hair, and it set on fire. She stabbed her heart, and the women was gasping for breath. After a few moments, everyone came running out holding pitchforks and torches. Toby and Shadowfire got into there stance, backs to each other.

Maybe they actually made a good team after all.

Toby's POV

After a long day of wiping out the village with Shadowfire, it was blazing with red fire and the both sat on a log, watching the sunset. Toby was inching closer to her every second, and had the urge to put his arm around Shadowfire.

She looked at him suddenly and smiled warmly. "today was really fun. You did well." she moved her hand closer to his, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of hers.

"T-thanks." Toby put his mouth closer to hers, and their lips only brushed as she moved away.

"Uh, we b-better be getting back." she looked down at the wood, a faint redness hiding her face. Her hand inched away from his as she got up and put her swords away.

Toby tried to hold back tears as they slowly walked home, an invisible line between them.

Chapter Nine- If You Knew How Much You Mean to Me...

Shadowfire took off her sweatshirt, preparing to relax for a while. Her eyes fixated on her bed, she sighed and lied down.

The Demon was dozing off when she heard a shout. "why don't you love me?"

She opened her eyes and got up, the hallway floor cold against her bare feet. She looked and saw Toby and Clockwork in the living room. With a confused expression, she turned into a spirit and glided across the floor.

"C-Clockwork. I seriously am s-sorry." Toby started, staring at the ground. "I-I just don't think this can work out." his gaze was now upon a picture of Him and Clockwork which was shattered on the floor.

"Why not, Toby?" she asked with tears. "I thought we were together forever!" Clockwork fell to the floor crying, but Toby just looked down at her, not knowing what to do.

Shadowfire put a hand to the wall, gently touching it. Her scars were glowing at the thought that the male creepypasta might actually be doing this because of her.

"Its over. A-again, we can still be friends." Toby walked off, not daring to look at Clockwork as he slammed the door to his room.

Shadowfire tilted her head and followed after him.

After a few moments of silence, Shadowfire opened the door to Toby's room while turning back into her human form. She frowned as she saw the line of a tear fresh on his face.

"Is everything okay?" she asked, putting a hand on his head for a second. She sat in a chair in front of his bed, but he looked away, spinning on his Converse. "you can tell me anything." Shadowfire said softly, putting a hand on his back. Her fingers ached to touch him.

Toby looked back, his goggles off. Shadowfire raised an eyebrow. "I-I'm fine. R-really." he said while sniffling.

"No, you really aren't." Shadowfire replied in a murmur. She got up, now very close to kissing his neck. "I saw what happened."

Toby turned to her, a truly shocked expression written on his face. "h-how?" after several seconds he sighed. "never mind. I-I know how you did it." Toby said in his usual deep voice, and laughed. Shadowfire saw the frown on Toby's face. "I like you!" he yelled, covering his face. "I really, r-really.. like you." he added the last part in a whisper.

Shadowfire stumbled back, planting herself in the chair again. "you do?" she twirled a finger around a loose hair strand from her braid. "how much?"

Toby blushed. "d-does it really m-matter?" a tear slipped down his face again. "I want you. I've wanted you since.. S-since you came here!" he slammed his hatchet on the corner of his bed, and it left a huge mark in the wood. "but you don't feel the same about me. I know you don't."

Shadowfire frowned, herself. She crossed her legs, her amber-blue eyes flickering. "what do you like about me?" She rested her elbows on her knees, while putting her head in her hands.

Toby thought for a moment. "y-your eyes." they were now a dark navy blue. "every time I s-stare into them, I-I get lost." he touched her shoulders. "I get l-lost in your gaze." Shadowfire blinked, her feminine lips forming a smile. Her scars were glowing bright.

"You like me, huh? You really do like me." Shadowfire was swimming in the amber pools of his gaze. A flash of tears blurred her vision. "I like you, too. I like you.. a lot."

Shadowfire got up and walked out, but Toby grabbed her arm gently, taking off his mouth guard, lifting her chin and kissed her. His lips were warm and soft against hers, and she entwined her arms around his neck, closed her eyes and kissed him back, falling into him and relaxing completely.

Yeah, maybe training was hard. Even though she was great at training, it was still hard for her. But this.. this was easy. And she was terribly good at it.

Shadowfire and Toby kissed until she was out of breath, and kissed again. Her eyes were filled with hunger.

She got up, not breaking away from the kiss, and closed the door.


Ticci Toby and Shadowfire Chi talked throughout the night. And kissed, and kissed, and kissed. She traced his bare chest with her finger.

"W-well?" Toby said drowsily.

"What, Toby?" she kissed his neck, and smiled against his arm.

"What d-do you want t-to do now?" he laid his head on her shoulder and kissed it.

"Drink beer." she laughed, getting up and putting on Toby's sweatshirt. Toby whined as she left his arms, and tried to pull her back. Shadowfire put a hand on her hips. "your lucky to have me now, boy." Shadowfire said, laughing.

"W-wait? Your m-mine? Your m-my... girlfriend?" Toby widened his eyes.

"Considering what we just did, I think we are together now, right?" Toby got up and hugged her. She sighed letting herself get lost in his embrace.

To tell the truth, Toby didn't know why someone wouldn't be attracted to someone as stunning, smart and beautiful as Shadowfire.

Chapter Ten- A Night at the Bar

Shadowfire was still wearing Toby's sweatshirt, and forgot to take it off.

The creepypasta stopped her gently and smiled. "I love you," he said without his stutter. Shadowfire blushed but laughed.

"I love you too, Toby." she opened the door with Toby keeping a hand on her waist. She quickly took off the sweatshirt and threw it to him.

Everyone was at the table talking and laughing and sharing stories. But as Shadowfire and Toby walked out from the bedroom, the conversation stopped.

Her eye covered with her bangs, she stared at them with an eyebrow raised.

"O-okay, so we're dating now. Who the fuck c-cares." Toby quickly put his mask and goggles back on. He tightened his grip on Shadowfire's waist protectively as if someone was going to break into the house with a gun.

They all started gasping dramatically, and Clockwork gave a wicked glare at Shadowfire, enough to burn her face off. Too bad Shadowfire was fireproof. The Fire Elemental only smiled at Clockwork that told the creepypasta to go fall in a ditch.

Shadowfire leaned in closer to Toby. "we're going to the bar." she said as casually as possible even though there was mischief in her eyes. Shadowfire made for the door, her boots and Toby's converse the only thing you could hear against the floor.


Shadowfire was outside with Toby, sitting on the same log they sat on when they burned that village. He kept kissing her and hugging her, and the only noise was they're laughing and the crickets outside.

She was helplessly drunk a few minutes ago, but this love wasn't the booze paying off.

This love... it was real. The realest love she had ever had.

Shadowfire put her head on his shoulder, letting herself melt into him for just a moment. "Its funny when your drunk." she added, and he shoved her gently.

"S-same to you, t-too. You h-had seventeen t-too many beers." he quickly hugged her against him again.

"I had fun." she told Toby Rogers.

"Shadowfire, it was the b-best night of my life." when he kissed her this time, she truly let herself fall into him. best night of my life, was what she wanted to hear.

Chapter Eleven- Rematch

Shadowfire was outside, leaning against a tree. She was thinking about the asylum. How she escaped. How many lives she took while doing so.

She didn't realize green eyes were glaring at her, but as she looked down, she saw Clockwork right in front of her with crossed arms.

"Yes?" Shadowfire asked, a hint of anger in her voice. She pushed against the tree with her boot.

"I want to fight you." Clockwork replied, two serrated knives at her sides. She blew her bangs out of her face.

Shadowfire looked at Clockwork. A look that said pretty stupid to challenge someone like me. But she took out both of her swords, swinging them behind her. The silver blades caught in the sunlight, making them shine. "okay." Shadowfire breathed, a smile creeping upon her lips. She swung out of nowhere, aiming for her throat.

Clockwork bent back, blocking the attack completely and lashing out at Shadowfire's arm. She left a deep scar in it that black blood was starting to overwhelm. Her teeth gritted in pain, but in only made her angrier.

She roared, swinging one of her swords to Clockwork's collarbone. She held the tip of the sword against the skin, and slashed a long scar that went to her shoulder. It glowed red.

Clockwork grunted in pain, holding the wound and the blood that was spilling out of it. That gave Shadowfire enough time to slap one of her wings against her face.

Her wings were strong enough to knock the wind out of Clockwork, as well as make her fall to the floor. There were three scars across her cheek.

When Shadowfire was starting to feel the satisfaction of winning, a faint blurriness blocked her vision. She was starting to see double, and her swords fell to the floor. She couldn't feel the pain as she fell on the ground also.

She blinked, trying to get rid of the black stars. Her arms went limp. She saw Clockwork walking up to her very slowly.

As she felt her arms get popped from the sockets, a realization hit her so hard she could barely breathe.

The daggers were tainted with poison.

Shadowfire's head went limp, her mind now emptied of any thoughts.

Chapter Twelve- Befriending

If Shadowfire had to drink another healing brew, she would personally kill everyone.

It had been a month since the fight with Clockwork. She agreed that when she was fully healed, Shadowfire would break the whore's head open. Maybe worse.

Her mattress was occupied by her for the last few days; Toby also insisted on staying with her. He now had his arms wrapped around her body, and was dozing off on her shoulder. She had her head on his arm, with a concentrated look written on her face.

She was stupid enough to let someone poison her. But to even fight with Clockwork at all? Her blank look erupted into a glare.

The only thing that wasn't going to heal was the gash on her arm. It throbbed like hell, but every time someone asked how she was, she said that she was fine. Even though she had headaches and bad luck at least everyday from the poison beginning to wear off.

Shadowfire felt the need to do something. She hadn't been outside since over a month, and even though her body still ached with the thought of the duel, she needed to connect with nature again.

Taking one last glance and Ticci Toby, she kissed his cheek and gently pushed away from his grip. His movement suggested that he was awake, and his hands began moving, through her hair and down her waist.

"W-where are y-you going?" he asked drowsily, letting out a yawn. Shadowfire got off the bed and put on her boots and jacket.

"Out," was all the female Fire Assassin said as she left the room and closed the door, leaving a confused Toby behind.

The other Creepypasta's were sleeping at this hour, so she snuck out of the mansion efficiently with quiet footsteps. She winced at the pain in her arm.

Shadowfire walked out the door and relished the fresh air on her face. She opened her eyes, now a dark midnight green, and made her way for the trees at the other end of the forest.

On her way, she brushed the leaves and bushes with her hands, liking the crisp near-autumn feeling of the greenery all around her.

When she got to a good spot she sat down, careful not to disturb the cut on her arm as she lay her body on the leaf-littered ground.

Shadowfire probably sat there for at least twenty minutes before she heard footsteps of another person from a distance away.

Shadowfire's eyes turned an alarmed colour of orange as she noticed the other person was Immortal. but how? she thought.

The footsteps were more rushed now, and the person came into view. She had a lithe, flexible frame and black feathery wings. Her eyes, a light shade of purple, were on the trees ahead of her. In her right hand, she held one single knife.

The violet gaze flickered to Shadowfire. The other Immortal jumped back, bracing herself for a fight. But Shadowfire just laughed. Even though she did this for good humor, she couldn't keep the warning from her eyes as she said, "why did you come here?"

The Raven flicked a black-purple lock out of her eyes. Her lips parted as if to say something, but no words would come out.

"Don't be mute with me, Feathers." Shadowfire told her calmly. As if by instinct, the other-worlder replied.

"I was running from a guard." she whispered, almost so quiet that Shadowfire could barely hear her. She sheathed the knife, her shaking hands clenched.

Shadowfire nodded her head slowly. "okay. I'm going to need more of an explanation than that," she told her, blinking her amber eyes.

The person came closer, sitting down next to Shadowfire while crossing her ankles. "I- I'm Talon. Talon Feather." she said, looking away. Shadowfire raised an eyebrow.

"Okay. Nice to meet you." the Demon exchanged a glance with her. "I'm Shadowfire Chi. You can just call me.. Shadowfire, if you want to." Shadowfire looked into the black slits of Talon's eyes.

Then, Talon Feather spilled about all of it. Her history with The Sky Kingdoms, her life, and what happened to her. And Shadowfire did, too.

And the unlikely friendship continued.

Chapter Thirteen- I Missed You

Shadowfire was gone for days after leaving and meeting Talon Feather.

Those days eventually added up into weeks.

And then months.

When she introduced the violet-eyed girl to the Creepypasta's, they thought she was worthy enough to stay.

In that time, Ticci Toby begged her to come back. To come back and live with them again.

Shadowfire had just replied "I need more time". She didn't know why. But she needed to stay away from them for a while. Or else she'd be gripping on the edge of killing Clockwork.

But today was the day.

Today was when she would finally come home.

Shadowfire felt like her steps were too slow, her breathing too shallow as she walked back to the Slender Mansion. Maybe she wasn't fully healed. Maybe-

She didn't need to think about that right now. Couldn't think about it that right now.

She had one name in her head.


It kept on whispering in the back of her mind, and what was left of her shredded black soul was breathing in those four little letters that now meant so much to her.

My Toby.

Her pace was quicker, brisker, until she was sprinting faster than any mortal ever would be able to.

She put the hood of her jacket over her head as the doors opened to the big house.

The Creepypasta's were standing there. They greeted her, and let out sighs of relief that she was back. But she could barely here them.

Shadowfire saw the dusty-brown haired boy before she even had time to blink. He was pushing everyone out of the way to get to her.

Shadowfire's shoulders relaxed as she saw his scar, his body, his converse... her bottom lip wobbled and she tried to take a step, but only fell into his arms. He was breathing heavily on her hair, and she could feel the dampness of tears on her cheek as they started to fall.

Toby had widened eyes.

Those amber eyes. She'd missed them more than anything.

"D-... don't ever leave me like that again." Toby breathed, running his hands all through her hair, and her body, staring at her like she was the last thing he'd ever see.

It took her a few minutes to realize it, but she was pushed up against the wall. "I won't." She whimpered quietly, her eyes damp. Toby pulled her into a kiss, so roughly that she gasped for breath.

The words echoed in her head once more.

My Toby.

Chapter Fourteen- Love, Selfish Love

After showering, Shadowfire plopped on her bed, her eyes focused on the ceiling.

She could almost see stars carved into the stone of the roof.

Gods, I am weird. she said to herself and huffed. Shadowfire curled up in a tight ball under the blankets, willing herself to fall asleep.

<smaller>Toby's POV</smaller>

Toby was sitting down on the mattress of the bed, holding his hatchet. He saw his reflection in the shiny metal, and immediately felt weird.

She likes me? he thought. out of all people? Ticci Toby laughed faintly.

He imagined her face. She was back. That was all that mattered.

That was all that mattered ever.


To tell the truth, she didn't even sleep that much at all.

She was up for half the night thinking about.. everything, really.

Shadowfire clenched her hands as she stretched, getting out of bed and walking out of her bedroom. And was surprised at what she saw.

Toby was standing in front of her bedroom door with no shirt on. Her eyes widened as she examined his body, carefully taking him in.

She blushed, the edges of her mouth creeping up. She closed her eyes, pretending not to see anything.

"Excuse me," she said, trying to shove him aside.

But Toby grabbed her arm gently and closed the door behind him.

Shadowfire cocked her head. "now, nothing naughty this early in the-"

Toby cut her off by kissing her, moving his hands to her hips. Shadowfire gave into the simple affection at first, but pulled out of it.

"Can you please tell me what you want?" Shadowfire asked with a smirk. As if she didn't know already.

Toby's brows furrowed. "Come on. I-I haven't seen you in forever." he moved closer so his nose was touching hers. "w-we need some time alone." he added the last part in a whisper.

Shadowfire gave him a smile and nodded her head in agreement. She pulled him closer so that his body was pressed against hers, and kissed him.

Toby picked her up bridal style, and placed her on her bed. "I missed you." he said, brushing the hair out of her face.

"I missed you, too." she closed her eyes with a laugh.

Then they did have some alone time.

And that light in Shadowfire's soul- the light that died so many years ago- it was there again, brighter than before.

That light that the Creepypasta's brought on her.


Author Notes:

I wanted to thank my friends more that anyone else in this; Talon Feather and Scar Bloodfire. You two motivated me to keep writing this.. and of course I had SO MUCH FUN in the process! I can't wait to write another like this! Love you guys.

--User:Shadowfire Chi