Call me crazy, but I want to write another one. A much sweeter one.

"It's not funny anymore!" Yelled Shadowfire Chi to the guards in front of her. She was back to back with Ticci Toby, his hatchets braced in front of him. The female Demon shifted into her Final Form, Toby in front of her, growling in defense.

She unsheathed her katana's, gripping the hilts of both weapons with dear life. Toby tried to touch her skin but leaped back with a hiss at how warm it was. With much enrage, she ran up to one of the guards and stabbed him in the skull. Blood spattered her upper torso, and she let out an evil laugh and stabbed another mortal with her blade. Toby threw one of his hatchets, as it met with the guards' rib cage and he fell to the floor. The Creepypasta quickly picked his weapon up, spinning it around in his fingers.

Before long, all of the guards were dead, their crystal clear crimson blood covering the stone floor. It had a smell to it that made her cringe; a mortal smell. Shadowfire's appearance gradually changed back to normal as she shifted yet again, this time into her original form, ignoring the pain that her body brought her as a way of telling her that her magic was ebbing away.

She needed to relax. All that Shadowfire had been doing in the past month was killing, and killing, and killing even more. It was in her blood, marking her veins; she was ruthless when she was mad.

And everybody knew that.

She put her hoodie back over her head, enjoying the warmth that it brought her. She felt even more heat as Toby wrapped his arms around her waist. She almost moaned as he kissed her cheek, and then started on her neck.

"G-good job today." Her boyfriend said. "Just... calm down, okay?" Toby finished with a feeble laugh, smiling against her skin. Shadowfire sighed.

"Alright. I'll try." She replied, giving him a sidelong glance. Toby spun her around and gave her a kiss. He moved his hands to her hips, hers over his shoulders protectively.

She broke out of the kiss with a sigh, Toby letting out words of protest as he tried to pull her back. Shadowfire laughed, putting her head to his chest. He stroked her hair.

"I love you." She purred, grateful for him in every way.

She heard Toby's muffled laugh as he replied, "I love you, too."


When they got home it was after hours, night already falling. Toby was looking around to see if anyone was awake, and gave Shadowfire a sexy look and wrapped her in a kiss again.

She almost took his clothes off before they got into her room. He pushed her against a wall, intimidation flooding over her for a split second before he grabbed her breasts, making a soft moan escape her lips. While her mouth was still opened, Toby quickly inserted his tongue in between her lips, running his hands down her stomach, her waist, her ass... She broke out of the kiss with a gasp as he grabbed her ass. She drooled, feeling horny more than anything.

She stumbled to the bed, straddling her legs around Toby as the brushed her stomach and moaned as she placed her hands on his upper thighs. He lifted her hoodie to kiss the stripes along her waist, then ripped the jacket off altogether and started fondling with her breasts again.

He kissed her jawline and neck. She moaned and purred with ecstasy as he found her sweet spot and started sucking and biting it eagerly. She let his tongue explore every inch of her mouth, savoring it.

At last he tugged her bra off eagerly, caressing his hand over her waist and just barely letting his hand graze the side of her breast each time. He pulled out of the moist kiss, a line of drool following as he looked at her. He gently massaged the small indentations behind her earlobes, making her tilt her head back.

Toby didn't unwrap her legs from him as he took off her boots and then her pants and underwear. He sighed in relief as he saw her womanhood, taking off his gloves. He spread her legs wider, brushing her knee and up her thigh until he put his tongue inside of her.

She grunted with joy and thrust her hips against his tongue. He devoured her, and she had an orgasm, arching her back in anticipation as he loosened his tongue and put it back into his own mouth again. Shadowfire ached to feel him, so she moved her hands to unzip his pants and finally his boxers.

The feeling of them colliding made both Shadowfire and Toby moan, and he grasped the bed sheets with his hands. Shadowfire licked the line of drool coming from her mouth and enjoyed him pounding against her, softly screaming in pleasure. They both swept into an orgasm, her now pleasure-filled gold-grey eyes rolling into the back of her head. Toby wailed in joy and flopped on top of Shadowfire, panting. She lifted her still-gloved hands to pet his hair. She almost cried out when he got off of her, but laid beside her, body against body, skin against skin. He kissed both of her bare breasts sweetly, then made for her arms and legs. She tried to contain her moan but failed as he rubbed his hands up her waist. She was so horny that she couldn't even think straight.

She cupped his head with her hand and kissed him, brushing her finger along the scar across his jaw. Before long, she fell asleep to the rhythmic beating of his heart in her elven ears.


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