"There is nothing better than cowboy world!" Said Laughing Jack.

"Well, there is one thing." Said Scar.

"And what's that?" Asked Laughing Jack.

"DINOSAUR COWBOY WORLD!" Yelled Scar in her best cowboy accent, making them both laugh.

"Honestly, people wonder why we're friends." Said Scar when she was done laughing.

Scar looked back at Laughing Jack. He had a kind of sad expression on his face once she finished saying that. She was about to ask if he was ok but Jane cut her off.


"Fuck." Said Scar as the bag came to her.

Scar looked back at LJ who had just put something in the bag. Then she went to put something in the bag, but Jane stopped her.

"I don't think so Lizard Girl." Said Jane.

Scar was slightly offended by Jane's choice of words. 'One day I will kill that slutty ass bitch, along with some of her other friends...' Scar thought evilly to herself.

Jane put the bag in front of Scar, indicating for her to choose something. Scar shoved her claws into the bag and pulled out a peice of black and white candy.

"Ooooooo! Scar and LJ, gettin it on!" Said Shadowfire while elbowing Ticci Toby.

"Oh shut up you fat lard!" Said Scar as she was pushed into the closet with Laughing Jack.

"7 MINUTES LOVE BIRDS!" Said Jane as she closed the closet door.

"That bitch." Said Scar.

Scar looked around the closet for LJ only to find him staring at her with longing in his eyes.

"LJ, you feeling OK? You haven't laughed for a solid second." Said Scar.

"I-I'm fine." He replied, looking away.

Scar walked up to him and brushed the hair from his eyes, making him blush a little.

"Jack, don't lie to me. I know something is wrong." Said Scar.

Laughing Jack looked at Scar with a tint of saddness in his eyes.

"You know how out there you said we were friends?" He said.

"Of course I do." Said Scar, getting woried.

"Well, Scar I like you." Said Laughing Jack.

"I like you too Jack." Said Scar, smiling at him.

"No Scar-I mean-I don't just like you, I love you." He said.

Scar blushed at this. Yes. The All Powerful Night Demon, was blushing.

"I-I love you too Jack." Said Scar.

Laughing Jack hugged Scar with his long arms, causing her to tense a little, as she was not used to physical contact unless it was during combat, but she hugged him back. Jack broke the hug and put his claw-like hands on Scar's face and pulled her into a kiss which she happily gave into. Once the kiss was over Scar looked Laughing Jack in the eyes, happily knowing that he had liked her the same way she had liked him.

"Does this make you mine now?" Asked Laughing Jack.

"Forever and always." Replied Scar, pecking him on the lips.

"Quick question." Said Scar.

"What?" Asked Jack.

"Do you think that Jane could beat an alligator in a fight?" Said Scar.

"Hell no, but that sounds interesting to watch. Why?" Laughing Jack replied.

"Oh nothing, just murder and revenge." Said Scar with an evil smirk.

"Whatever you are planning, I want a front-row seat." Jack said with an evil smirk as well before pulling Scar into another kiss.

"7 MINUTES IS UP YOU TWO!" Yelled Jane, while slamming open the door, in the middle of Scar and LJ's kiss.

Laughing Jill shoved Jane aside and glared at Scar with pure hatred. Scar stood in front of Laughing Jill, her height surpassing Jill's. Scar unsheathed and spread her blue wings as a sign of a challenge. Jill stepped back a little, her rage turning into fear, but Scar wasn't finished intimidating her yet. Scar morphed her tail into that of a scorpion's and placed it dangerously close to Jill's scared face.

"He's mine." Scar growled, the black around her irises starting to swirl.

Shadowfire and Talon both noticed the forming swirls. They leaped up out of their seats and ran to Scar. Talon held down Scar's tail and Shadowfire tried to calm Scar down with some choice words. Scar evenutually began to calm down. She grabbed Laughing Jack's clawed hand and led him out of the closet, leaving Laughing Jill standing in fear and shock. Then Jill heard a voice enter her thoughts.

"This isn't over..." Scar's words echoed through her head.