This blog is going to be the stories on Jeff x Talon, so ya.


Talon gazed at the human-sized mirror, her new appearance dawned on her like sunlight on land during sunrise. Her once shiny white hair is now messy, and black with dark purple ends. Eyes that once shone like bright blue stars are now dark purple with black slits. Once beautiful dove like wings turned into a mess of black feathers.

It has been a month since Talon had moved into The Slender Mansion, along with her friends Scar and Shadowfire. She already made friends, and enemies with the Creepypastas. Talon even formed a crush on a murder named Jeff the Killer, but only Scar and Shadowfire knew about that.

It was after a killing spree and Talon was still trying to get used to her new look. But every time she thought of her look she thought about the incident, about her brother, Sky. She hated him more than anything or anyone.

The thought of his body scorched burning in blackfire, his limbs torn apart from his body, and his blood on her claws always made her happy. But Talon's thoughts of murder and revenge were interrupted by a the reflection of a woman. Talon instantly knew it was "her", as her eyes narrowed.

"What are you doing here?" Talon asked harshly.

"Oh, what I can't see my own daughter now?" the woman said with a slight smile on her face.

"Don't pretend like nothing ever happened, mother! You know what I did. I know what you really think of me." Talon said with words like venom, eyes glowing like bright purple stars. Even with the harsh words and Talon's killing glare, Stargazer's gaze was still soft and warm, it made Talon sick to the core.

"Yes, I think you're just a little girl in a world of hurt, looking for a family that will love her." Stargazer said, her voice loving and calm. Talon could feel her anger rising.

"Exactly you think I'm weak just like everybody else did, just like Sky and Father!" Stargazer flinched at Talon's tone, losing her smile before it returned.

"No Talon, I never thought you were weak, I never did. I love you, I really do." Tears threatening to come down her face, Talon summoned a ball of blackfire and threw it at the mirror. Pieces of glass falling as if it were a avalanche of glass. And just as quickly as she came, Stargazer vanished. Some pieces of the glass ended up cutting Talon's left arm, and a huge piece impaling one of her burns. She didn't take notice of the black blood dripping slowly forming a small pool of the black liquid.

Everthing was quit. All Talon could hear was the sound of the fire burning in rage. But the silence was broken when Talon heard footsteps.

~Jeff's POV~

Jeff was walking in the halls of Slender Mansion, calm and bored, when he heard a crashing sound. He ran to find what or who made the noise, only to be in front of the door that belong to Talon's room. Jeff put his pale ear on the door, smelling smoke.

The smiling killer quickly opened the door and saw a broken mirror surrounded with blackfire, glass everywhere on the floor, and Talon siting on her knees, with her wings drooped, and her chest rising up and down, as if she just witnessed something terrible.

"Hey, Talon are you alright?" Jeff asked as he approached the female killer. He heard no response, he asked again but still no answer. It started to annoy him.

The closer Jeff closer the more he noticed a little pool of some type of black liquid. He started to worry.

"Talon are you okay I heard a crash and......" Jeff paused as soon as he realized what the black liquid was. It was blood, Talon's blood.

"Talon, what the fuck happened?!" Jeff yelled, running in front of Talon. He kneeled down and took her bleeding arm, but she tried to take it back as if it was a little girl's favorite teddy bear.

"Stop, Talon I'm going to help you with your injuries. I might not be a good doctor but at least I can help you with this." Jeff said looking at the glass sticking out of Talon's arm as she relaxed a bit. He took the end of a bandage and started to unbind it.

As soon as the bandage was completely off, the smiling killer couldn't take his unblinking eyes off the horrible sights he'd seen.

"Talon, how did you get all these burns and scars?" Jeff asked with pity in his voice as he started to pluck the glass shards out. Talon just looked down eyes watering (not from pain of the glass),as she tried to answer, but the memories were like daggers in her heart.

"W-when I use to live in the Sky Kingdoms, my brother and I were expected to be strong and pass various tests and trails." Talon started to answer in a small voice.

"A-and If we failed in the simplest ways we were p-p-punished." Jeff gave a painful but curious looked at Talon. He started to feel warmth coming from Talon as Jeff stood up to get more bandages and medicine.

"How were punished?" Jeff asked while recovering Talon's arm. The bandage started to burn as soon as it touched her arm. Talon took the remains off of the white bandage off, the heat from her body increasing.

After a little moment of silence, Jeff noticed Talon's body quiver before saying.

"Father would punish me by taking my arm and tearing off the skin with boiling hot tar. The newer ones are from when my brother tried kill me. By drowning to death in a fucking tar pit, as a punishment for using black magic." Jeff was shocked, he never knew about her past, he had no idea she had a rough past.

"I'm really sorry Talon." Jeff said looking at Talon's face seeing a black tear roll down her pale cheek. He looked at her for a moment before spreading his arms and asked.

"You want a hug?"

Talon just stared at him, with a shocked expression, eyes locked with his as if she didn't know what a hug was. She looked at him, tears now pouring down her face as she launched herself at Jeff, wrapping her arms around him, crying into his shoulder, staining his white hoodie with black tears.

The sudden contact made Jeff blush as he tried to calm Talon down. Stroking her messy hair, whispering in her ear that it was alright. The fire around the mirror starting to go out.

"Then what happened?" Jeff asked still in the embrace.

Talon again was silent for a moment. The silence was really suspenseful for Jeff.

"My father thought I was so weak, and when he found out I used black magic he ordered Sky to kill me by ........" She couldn't, she couldn't bring herself to say it, not again.

"By drowning you in the Boiling Tar Pits." Talon let out another sob, making Jeff's heart twist in pain.

"Talon, why wouldn't you tell us this if it bothered you this much? Jeff asked rubbing her back.

"Because its a sign of weakness! Sky used my past to kill me, so why wouldn't others. I trusted him with my secrets and looked what happened!" Talon yelled with pain and regret in her voice.

Jeff locked out of the hug and grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, making her look at him in the eye. Talon could feel heat coming to her cheeks as she blushed softly.

"Talon, listen to me. You are not weak, you are one of the most strongest people I know. And if your family can't see that then there dumber than Jane is." Jeff said with meaning in every word. Talon gave a small chukle, right before leaning closer to his face and kissed him tenderly. Jeff, smiling a real smile, kissed back.

The kissing lasted for a couple of minuets, before Talon could feel her eyelids dropping. All of the crying and kissing had drained her energy. Struggling to stay awake she hugged Jeff before Talon drifted into sleep on Jeff's shoulder.

Jeff took notice of this and picked up Talon bridal style and carried her,and layed her on the large bed. He looked at her, his gaze softening, as he kissed her on the forehead gently, right before joining her on the bed.

As Jeff covered them both with the black blankets, Talon stirred, her eye lids flickering to show her dark purple eyes.

"J-Jeff......" But Jeff interrupted her by whispering. "Shhhhhh Talon. Go To Sleep."


Scar and Shadowfire were walking down the halls of the Slender Mansion, talking about weapons and training tactics. When they got to Talon's room, Scar opened the door.

"Hey Talon, were going killing wanted you to, uhhhhhh." Scar said realizing the sights she saw.

"What is it Scar?" Shadowfire asked, when Scar walked away from the door smiling softly. As soon as Shadowfire saw what was inside the room she let out a soft gasp.

Talon and Jeff sleeping next to each other, with Jeff's arms hugging Talon protectively, and Talon's face in his chest. Both of their chest rising and falling with ease. (No this is not a lemon, Shadows.)

Shadowfire closed the door softly running next to Scar, thinking about her and Toby. and Scar thinking about L.J and her.

~Happy Therapy~

Talon wasn't in a good mood today. All because of the Shitty day she had. First Talon and Jane got into a huge fight that ended with her having a sprained wrist, then a Sky Kingdom Guard found his way to the mortal world and tried to kill her, so she had to kill him, AND then Talon got grounded by Scar, so she couldn't have any vodka for a week.

At afternoon, Talon was laying down on her bed. Shadows moving at her will, as she tried to entertain herself. She let out a sigh and sat up from the position she was in. 'Why is it so horrible day?!?' Talon thought in anger.

Just as soon as Talon was going to stand up Jeff came in, bursting through the door with two combat knifes in his hands, smiling like a idiot. But as soon as he noticed Talon's sad face he frowned, or tried to.

"Hey Talon what's wrong?" Jeff asked sitting right next to her on the bed. "I just had a bad day today. Its no big deal." Talon replied with a little frown.

Talon, I've know you long enough to know if you're upset." Jeff said. He leaned into Talon's ear and whispered in a sexy voice "I know a good way to make you happy." Talon looked at Jeff, and then gave him a smile.

Scar and Shadowfire were in the living room discussing on who was more sexy,LJ or Ticci Toby. When the two heard laughter, coming from Talon's room. The laughing belonged to Jeff and talon, and sound the bed springs was heard.

Curious, Scar and Shadows went to Talon's room. With each step the noise was growing louder. When they arrived Shadows had a huge smile on her face and Scar had a WTF face. 'Well my apprentice has lost her virginity.' Scar thought.

When the two opened the door it was so NOT AS BAD AS THE TWO PERVS THOUGHT. It was Talon and Jeff jumping up and down on her bed, hitting each other with pillows. When the two notice Scar and Shadowfire they stopped jumping and turned their heads towards them.

Talon threw her pillow at Scar's face and ran away with Jeff.