This is going to be super fucking gross so prepare your ASS!

Talon was walking around the Tar Pits of the Sky Kingdoms, searching for her friend Jeff. Who we all know is another Creepypatsta/killer. It just randomly seemed that since the two meet almost nothing could get the two apart, not even vodka.(yes said it). Talon always liked Jeff, his personality matched hers, he had a rough past jut like her, and both of their mothers were bitches. The list could go on, and on. Plus, Jeff was one of the only people who could make Talon have the fun and happiness she never received as a child.

Talon gave out a chuckle, and continued her search for Jeff. When she heard a rustling sound near the bushes. Talon transformed herself into a raven and flew into a oak tree, piercing her talons into the hard bark and folding her wings.

There Talon saw Jeff running toward the spot where she used to be. She could hear him talking to himself.

"Where is she?" He thought out loud, looking around to find her.

Talon flew toward Jeff landing on his shoulder, making a crow noise. Jeff looked at her, his smile growing wider. He shook his shoulder to make Talon get off him, but she wouldn't budge.

"Can you get off me, please?'" Jeff asked, a bit annoyed. "No, your going to by my ride home." Talon said with a pointy grin. Jeff sighed and started to walk, with the raven attached to his shoulder, .

When they arrived an hour later, Jeff got an idea, and immediately went towards his room. When they arrived to his room Talon, now in her original form, got slammed to the wall. Feeling Jeff's lips crashing on hers, she could feel him smiling against her lips. She happily kissed back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

Talon just wanted to have a little make out session, but Jeff wanted more, much more. He held his hands firmly on Talon's waist, licking her bottom lip, begging for permission. THAT SHE DEINED! So being the impatient person that Jeff is, he let one of his hands travel to Talon's ass, squeezing it roughly.

The sudden outburst made Talon gasp, leaving Jeff to stick his tongue in her mouth. Jeff and Talon had a little battle of tongues, and Jeff had somehow won. He started to explore the insides of her mouth, making sure all of it was explored. He lifted her off the ground and carried her to the bed.

As soon as Jeff placed her on the soft mattress, he started to kiss her jawline, then her neck. Desperate to find her sweet spot, his eyes filled with hunger and lust, kissing every inch of Talon's pale neck. When he heard a soft moan that came from her lips, that's when Jeff knew he found it.

He started to bite, suck, kiss right below her jawline until he got bored, leaving a large red spots everywhere on her neck. As he traveled down Talon's body he left soft kisses in his path. He took out his knife and cut Talon's shredded hoodie and bra thing, leaving her breasts exposed for him. 'Oh how I've dreamed of this moment.' he thought, happily.

Talon looked and blushed madly. She had been so in so much pleasure that she didn't notice her chest was fully exposed to Jeff, who now had a small nose bleed. She covered her chest, so that he couldn't take any more peeks, embarrassment.

Jeff gave Talon a soft look, chuckling at her embarrassment. "It's okay Talon. Its new to me too." He said to calm her down. Softly taking her wrist away from her boobs with one hand, and started to massage one of Talon's boobs with the other. Making her moan with pleasure, her emotions out of control, as she leaned in to kiss Jeff once more.

With her hormones raging and pleasure taking control, Talon quickly started to rub her knee against Jeff's bulge ( idk). He moaned in pleasure as well. Jeff got off Talon, taking one of her boots off. Then taking the other boot off, he started to kiss her foot and then her ankle, all the way up to her thigh.

Jeff, now starting to get a bit too excited, slipped Talon's skirt, leggings, and underwear off in a clean and slow processes. His dick growing even larger at some peeks. Jeff crawled towards Talon's thing and pressed his tongue in her. Not wasting any time, he explored every marking, every texture, every taste. But all he heard was Talon moaning as a wave of pleasure hit her like a tidal wave.