This this is about all the RP's that me, Shadows, and Scar had.

Shadowfire and Talon RP

Shadowfire was running from five guards, her swords outstretched in front of her. She doubled back, and ran faster.

The guards took their spears, trying to stab the sharp blades into Shadowfire's stomach.

Shadowfire stopped dead, her energy starting to drain.

"Talon..." She breathed through telepathy, stabbing one of the guards in the arm. Before anything else happened Shadowfire felt a sharp, icy pain in her gut.

Talon brushed passed guards, running to Shadowfire, deflecting any knives that aimed towards the two killers. Only one word came out of Talon's mouth as she inspected the wound.


Shadowfire's skin was now blue like everything else on her. Her eyes were fixed with Talon's, and the knife in her stomach was gone as the flame surrounded her body. Shadowfire stood back up and pulled out her gun, shooting at all five guards.

All but Frostfire.

Talon looked up at her brother, giving him a hard.

"Well it has been sometime since we last time we battle, hasn't it Talon?" Frostfire said with a mocking voice.

Will continue is RP