Talon was hanging around in her room, sharpening her daggers and blades. Boredom consuming her, as she dragged the clothe against the newly sharpen blade. She gasped in surprise, when she heard BEN screaming her name in panic.

"Talon!Talon!Talon!Talon come here its an emergency!!!!"

Talon sighed, setting her elvin dagger down, and ruffling her wings. Before walking down stairs. When she arrived Talon saw the faces of a few Creppypastas. Eyeless Jack, Shadowfire, Ticci Toby, Scar, Laughing Jack, Jeff, Jane the bitch (as Talon calls her), and BEN were all gathered in the living room. BEN was stood in front of Talon, holding his hat in her face.

"Thank you soooo much Talon, we really needed another player." BEN said, who was looking relived. "Wait, hold on, you made me came all the way down stairs just because you needed another player for a stupid game?" Talon said crossing he arms, and raising her eyebrow.

"Oh no, its not just any game Talon. Its 7 minuets in heaven. And besides I know your really bored, I can see it on your face." BEN said with a smirk. Just as Talon was just about to answer him Jane interrupted her, with a annoying, and mocking voice. "She was probably just in her room, crying about the fact that nobody loves her."

Talon gave Jane a little glare before speaking. "Well at least I'm not a huge slut, and I think I'll play this stupid game." Talon said glancing at Jeff. She couldn't help but notice that when she said that she'd play the game, he blushed a little and looked almost relived. He looked down. making his ebony colored hair cover his eyes.

Talon pushed her thoughts away, and plunged her hand into BEN's hat. But instead of feeling something soft or plastic she felt a sharp pain slice through her palm. She quickly grabbed that object and retraced her hand. Talon gazed at the bloody knife in her hand. Talon knew that the knife belonged to Jeff, the thought of him and her in a tight enclosed space made her blush.

Wide eyed, Talon looked up Jeff who was blushing even more than she was. Talon took a deep breath and walked towards the closet. She opened the door and went inside, trying very hard not to think about the near future.

When inside the cramped room Talon sat down, and hugged her knees. Even though she was used to hearing comments and insults about her past, Jane's comment scarred a little but of Talon's pride . 'Was it really true does no one love her?'

Talon continued to think until she heard someone open the door and sit right next to her, It was Jeff. His long, back hair shielding his eye view away from Talon's, his hoodie still had old and new bloodstains on the soft, white fabric. Both of them sat there in silence, until Jeff broke it.

"We don't really have to play this game if you don't want to. You know that right?." Talon thought she could hear a bit of guiltiness in his voice. "And sorry for the cut on your hand."

Talon chuckled " Its okay, you don't have to apologize Jeff." She felt his hand on her shoulder squeezing it gently. " You know Talon, I kind of wanted to be alone with you for awhile because we hardly know each other and I want to get to know you better And just try being friends with u."

She felt as if she was stabbed through the heart hearing the word "friend"; come from Jeff. She didn't know why, but it hurt. Drawing back to what Jane said, Talon felt hurt, and her expression gave it away to Jeff.

"Hey Talon are you alright?" Jeff said tugging on her arms a little.

Talon looked down answering his question. "Hey Jeff, do you think Jane is right? Do you believe that nobody loves me? And please be honest with me," Talon said, with an emotionless voice.

She felt Jeff flinch a bit "Who told you that nobody loves you?!?" asked Jeff with anger in his voice. "Jane, I know I shouldn't listen to her but I can't really help it." replied Talon. "Ya, why would you listen to Jane, she is obviously wrong." Jeff said in a quick and rude voice, crossing his arms.

Talon chuckled at his anger. "Well you do know Jeff, that the slut didn't mean friends, she meant like actual boyfriend girlfriend things right." Talon said, raising a eyebrow at the killer. "I know that, Feathers." Jeff replied.

"Well then how do you know that somebody loves me like that, Jeffrey?" Talon said with a smug voice.

Jeff was quit for awhile before shifting in front of Talon. Grabbing a hold of her claws, and saying "Because I know for a fact that I love you." Leaning into Talon's face, he kissed her.

Talon's face flushed a dark shade of red. It took her a moment to realized that she loved Jeff, she loved him a lot. And so she kissed Jeff back.

The kissing lasted for awhile before the door slammed open revealing Scar and Shadowfire. "Hey you two love demons get out, you both have been in there for way more than 7 minuets. yelled Scar.

Talon eyes flickered due to the bright lights, before finally getting the message. "Wait how long were me and Jeff were in there?" Talon asked standing up, still holding Jeff's hand.

Shadowfire shrugged. "Hey Cockwork, look over here!" After looking at Clockwork's clock eye she said "You guys have been in there for 30 minutes."

Both Talon and Jeff laughed. And then went to the kitchen to get some vodka, when Jeff whispered into Talon's ear. "I love you. Don't you dare forget that. Talon chuckled, saying "Don't worry I won't. Now lets go get drunk."

The End