Talon Feather By: User:RavenTalon

"Beware the Raven of Death... She will find you...."

~Talon Feather~


Talon is a dark raven warrior, and Scar's newest apprentice. She is an immortal, so that means she can't die by wounds or age. Talon is part darkness, so any type of light magic can harm her. Some mortals call her "The Angel of Darkness", because of the fact that Talon can control shadows. But to her friends Talon is called "Feathers" .Talon is older than she seems, as because when she died, she stopped aging at 17 years.


Talon Feather is a tall skinny and pale female. Her eyes are dark purple,her hair is black and goes halfway down her back, as her long bangs cover her right eye. Talon wears a black tunic exposing her stomach and arms, black leather pants, and leather boots that go to her knees, and claws. Bandages are located on Talon's right shoulder, and around her wrist(on the right arm), some are covering her left elbow,and the rest are located on her neck, to cover a deep jagged scar.Talon has large raven wings that she can summon at will, and a long slender tail with spikes etching from it and feathers at the end.

~Back Story~

When Talon was a little girl she used to be train to be a soldier for Queen Amber, she and her brother, Sky,would train hours, and weeks to become perfect. It was proper for the children of the a highly skilled warrior to pass on the legacy of honor fro the Sky Kingdoms. Talon and her brother had a good relationship, they loved each other dearly and believed each other. But as the years went on Sky became more and more skilled, stronger.While Talon was shunned and hated for not being as strong as Sky. Everyone kept calling her: "weak, useless, and pathetic". Only Talon's mother,Stargazer really cared for her, she comforted her daughter and gave her hope that one day she will be good, maybe even better then Sky. But Talon's hope was destroyed by her father. He would punish Talon by torturing her, putting hot, boiling tar and ripping the skin off whenever she failed a mission, burn her badly when she displeased him, and break bones when she disobeyed orders. It was slowly driving the poor girl insane. Years later,Talon was full of desperation, all she wanted was to hear her father say "I'm proud of you", or even a "good job". She was still shunned and weaker then Sky, Talon would stay up for hours learning different spells, train until she passed out, and continue trying to make her father happy. It was never enough.

One day, Talon had enough, she traveled to a forbidden temple filled with dark magic. She heard stories about people using black magic, they would go insane, never being the same again. But Talon didn't care all she wanted was to be loved. She went into the heart of the temple, and stole the demonic book from its unholy resting place. And began to read..

Each word filled her mind with knowledge and power. Fighting skills and moves she never heard of, magic that could make her stronger. She smiled with glee, this has been what she hoped would save her from this loveless life she had lived in......



Talon is a serious person when it comes to training, or doing missions for Scar. But really she is a caring person and really loyal to her friends, and people she cares about (which is like only 3 people). Talon has a weird love to collect eyes, and loves knives and any type of weapon. Talon is hates being called weak, it makes her go into this insane moment and WILL possibly kill you out of rage. When she is upset Talon will go to the place she died, it makes her more relaxed and makes sure people leave her alone.


Claws that are curved like the talon's of a raven, they go up to her wrists and are made out of a rare ebony metal, and silver. A sword with a symbol of a raven forming from the lower-upper end of the sword, and Talon's symbol on the guard cross.


~Creature form~

When Talon turns into her creature form, it only happens at will or when severely angry. When the transformation begins Talon's body will be engulfed in black flame, taking the shape of the creature. Talon's creature form has the wings, head, feathers, and talons of a raven, with amber eyes, while the rest of the body is sort of like a grey lion's with black fur, and spikes on the tail. When Talon speaks in this form her voice is much deeper and it kind of like 2 voices speaking at once.

~Spirit Form~

In this form, Talon wears a loose black dress, a loose glove-like sleeve on her right arm and a dark purple ribbon tied on her left arm, purple leggings, her claws, and black heels. Talon's hair is straight and goes to her waist, her wings and tail are noticeable, and she has a dark purple aura. This form can happen when Talon is near death, or when she enters people's dreams.

~Mortal Form~

In this form Talon has the height and looks of a normal 17 year old, except she still has the scar from her past. She wears a black hoodie, skinny jeans, black and white converse, and a dark purple scarf to cover the cut on her neck. Talon's eyes are a dark shade of brown, and is still pale.She doesn't have her raven wings or tail, but will still summon her wings if needed.Talon uses this form when she travels to the mortal world(Earth) without the intention to kill, or just needs something there. When Talon goes from this form to her normal form, her body will be engulfed in black fire for a few seconds.


Talon's physical weakness is light magic. If Talon is struck by light magic, then her skin will start to burn. Her other physical weakness is magic of her own family, or Sky's flame. Spiders are a sort of weakness, because Talon is afraid of spiders. If Talon does happen to encounter a spider everything in sight will be on fire.


Talon eats organs and corpses. But she has a strange obsession with eyes, she has a collection of eyes from victims in her room. Talon can play the drums really well. A way that Talon likes to kill, is by waiting in the Tar Pits and if somebody comes by she grabs them by their ankles and dragging them into the tar with her, drowning them.

Raven pic

Talon in her raven form

Raven pic 2
Raven creature

Talon's creature form.


This is kind of what the Tribal marking on Talon's eye looks like