Name: Scar Bloodfire A.K.A. Night Demon, Child of Night, Moon Dragon, or Goddess of the Night.

Family: Fireblaze(Father/King of the Sky Kingdoms),Nightshine(Mother/Queen of the Sky Kingdoms), Firetale(Sister/Evil, ambitious, and out to kill Scar), Shadowfire(Isn't exactly family but share's a strange bond with her mentor Scar, so there're basically like sisters), Talon Feather(not family by blood but she is Scar's newest apprentice), and The Residents of Slender Mansion(again, not family by blood, but they took in Scar, Shadowfire, and Talon). 


NORMAL FORM: Tall, white(as in super pale), female with dragon wings(bone parts=black, wing parts=dark blue), blue dragon eyes with black surrounding the irises(a little bit larger than human eyes), black hair that morphs into blue at the ends and stops at the waist, strapless black half-top with blue armor on the shoulders, striped-scars all over her arms, legs, torso, and neck, long scar over right eye, black pants,knee high combat boots with blue armor to top off the rim of each boot, blue dragon tail that turns black at the end(four spikes at the end of the tail), long elf ears(both ears are knicked twice), armored claws, two belts(one thick belt with the letter S on the buckle, and another belt with a black bag full of gems, candy, and anything that would help in a scenario attached to it), and an extreamly long black forked-tounge. Scar is seven feet tall(her people are naturally tall).

INSANITY FORM: Much like her Normal Form, but Scar's teeth turns to fangs, claws get longer and sharper, two mouths appear at each side of her main mouth twisted into a menacing smile, the black surrounding her irises start swirling, the spikes on her tail get bigger and sharper, she flares her wings and sets them ablaze with blue fire as a sign of a challenge, and she gets EXTREME blood thirst in this form. This form usually means that she is mad and is about to kill somebody.

DREAM/ROYAL FORM: Again, much like her normal form, but Scar's beauty is much more visible to those who see her in this form. Her eyes brightly glow with blue light, a long skirt-like thing appears at her belt down to the ground, her scars glow slightly with black light, some of the scales sparkle in her wings making them look like stars, her armor morphs into a chest-plate type thing with a large glowing crystal in the center of it and it also glows with a slight blue light. This form usually happens when she sings, is in her private realm, or when she is in love. When this form first happend, it was when Scar was chosen to be the Goddess of the Night, that's why it is called her "Royal Form", it's also why she keeps it hidden from everyone she knows.

DRAGON FORM: Dragon Form. The most feared of Scar's many forms. When Scar gets REALLY mad or protective(as in someone is trying to destroy her and her friends mad and protective), she will go into her dragon form and attack the threat. Her whole body is engulfed in blue and black fire that morphs into the shape of a COLLOSAL dragon and then the fire turns into flesh and scales, Scar(now a dragon) is blue with a black snout, a small peice of armour that is like a mask with the Rebel Tribe symbol in the middle and her scar down the right side of the mask, the mouths from her Insanity Form appear, striped scars down her back, arms, and legs, four giant black horns on her head, two black spikes on her snout, two giant spikes on the elbows of her front legs, and her claws are much sharper than before.  

SHADOW FORM(THE LIVING SHADOW) Scar's Shadow Form is a very strange form. Her soul and body transform into her shadow, but when this happens the blue part of Scar's ponytail and her scars appear on the shadow. A large mouth with five parts appears on her 'face', her arms get super long, and her ponytail floats behind her like it's in water. The Living Shadow(Scar's Shadow Form before it morphed with young, colorful, Scar), is most commonly found in the nightmares of mortals and all other beings.

Personality: Scar is a naturally scary and hostile person, which is part of her personality, but if you really get to know Scar, and if she puts her trust in you, she will let her normal personality show. Scar is naturally fun-loving, blood craving, funny, smart, confident, mysterious, protective, stubborn, strong, loyal, threatening, sarcastic, and quite intimidating. Despite Scar's strong nature, she can get depressed sometimes. When she gets depressed large black thorns surround her in a protective shield type thing. Usually when Scar get's depressed it's most likely because of her past, all she needs is some comfort from a friend and some beer when this happens. And yes. Scar likes to drink. When Scar gets mad, LEAVE HER ALONE! She is going to break something, doesn't matter if it's alive or not, She will break ANYTHING! When Scar gets drunk, she gets a little bit crazy ... It can get pretty wild when she's drunk.


~The Beginning~

Long ago, before the Sky Kingdoms were released from the music box, there were two dragonish(dragon humanoid) daughters of a mighty dragonish King and Queen. The eldest daughters name was Firetale. Before Firetale was born, the Queen, Queen Nightshine, used her magic to rid her soon-to-be daughter, of all evil, which explains the younger daughter... Scar was the younger daughters name. When the evil was taken out of Firetale, it created another child. Scar. When Scar was born, her parents feared her. They thought she was all evil, but she wasn't. Not yet anyway. The people of the kingdom feared Scar, but they really should have been afraid of the ambitious one. Firetale. When Firetale's evil was removed, her ambition became to much. When Scar was seven years old, her parents were murdered by her own sister. Firetale had set their bodies ablaze with blue fire. Blue fire is Scar's signature fire, so when people found out about the murder, everyone thought that seven year old Scar, had killed them. Scar was then thrown out of the kingdom and had to live as an outcast in the dead lands. But little did Firetale and the people know, that Scar would be the most well known outcast in the history of the Sky Kingdoms.

~The Living Shadow~

As Scar grew up, a demonic shadow, The Living Shadow, became quite fond of her. Scar and The Living Shadow became close friends, the shadow taught Scar how to use her magic and control her fire. Scar and the Shadow were inseparable. Today was Scar's 27th birthday and the shadow wanted to give her something that all the creatures of all the realms wanted. Immortality. Only if they are in perfect sync, may they fuse and become immortal. Fusion with a demon would drive anyone or anything, insane. But Scar was not like anything the shadow had ever seen. Scar was different. While Scar was asleep, the shadow slipped into her body and started to take over her soul. Scar's soul was stronger than the shadow had thought, and to the shadow's relief, part of Scar's soul still remained, but with a cost...

~The Fusion~

Scar awoke with a start in the middle of the night. She didn't know what had awoken her, but she noticed that something was different about her fingers. They now appeared to be covered in some kind of clawed, black, armour, that now matter how hard Scar tried, it wouldn't come off. Then, Scar noticed scars along her arms, torso, neck, and back. She started to panic. She summoned a mirror(something The Living Shadow taught her) and looked at her reflection. Scar gasped when she saw that her once all-blue hair, was now dark black with a small amount of blue at the ends and that her bright blue eyes, had black surrounding the irises. She new that the Living Shadow had fused with her, but, why was she still in control of her actions? Usually when a demon fuses with a living thing, the demon is in complete control and the host becomes immortal. Realization hit Scar in the face like a brick. She was immortal. Scar ran her claw-like fingers through her hair in shock. Her newly-changed eyes could see clearly in the darkness of the night.

~New Power~

A new source of power and energy was felt as Scar stood on her feet on the stone ground of the cave she now claimed as her home. She faced the back of the cave and raised her claws. Swirls of blue fire burst out of her hand. The fire raced to the mass of darkness at the back of the cave and disappeared into the stone floor. The rock started to grow and the cave started to expand. The growing rock soon formed into a massive stone castle and the small glowing mushrooms that illuminated small parts of the cave were now huge and served as a great source of light in the darkness of the cave.

~The Symbol~

Scar looked at the castle in shock and happiness, but then she realized...if the cave had expanded on the inside, then it would be noticeable on the outside, and Firetale would find her and have her put to death! Scar unsheathed her wings and flew outside frantically, only to see that...nothing had changed on the outside. She gave a sigh of relief and flew back into the cave, only to notice that a strange symbol was engraved in the cave entrance. A large circle, with a jagged line in the shape of the scar over Scar's eye, striking through it. She traced the symbol with her claws and smiled slightly. "This symbol shall mark the beginning of a powerful kingdom. My kingdom." Scar thought to herself with pride.

A few years later


Scar was now a very powerful being. All the people and creatures of the Sky Kingdoms feared her. She has developed a maddening thirst for blood due to being one with a demon. Whenever she felt the crave for the red liquid, she would sneak into a villager's home and kill the unsuspecting victim, or victims. Scar enjoyed killing more than anything. She killed in many ways. From terrorizing her victims in their dreams, to killing their family members one-by-one, to ripping out their hearts and burning it with her fire, to driving them insane to were they kill themselves, to nailing them to walls and clawing out their organs, to driving her tail through their chests, to biting and latching onto their throats with her sharp teeth until they stop moving, to burning them alive, or just slitting their throats. Ah yes, the demon had so many ways to kill, but with a cost. Whenever she kills, the more demonic part of her soul takes over and she loses all sense of control. The demon side of her is what the people and creatures of all the realms fear.

~Effects of The Demon~

When the demonic side is in control of her body, the black surrounding her irises starts swirling, two fang-filled mouths appear at the sides of her regular mouth which is also now full of fangs, her claws get longer and sharper, she speaks in five voices, and the armour covering her shoulders and elbows grow sharp, thorn-like spikes, and her face is twisted into that of an insane person's.

Allegiances: Shadowfire(The first other-demon EVER, that didn't know about Scar and the murder, she is also the only other person Scar can fuse with, because of a bond they made, Shadowfire being Scar's apprentice and all). Talon Feather(Scar's newest apprentice), Laughing Jack(the first friend Scar had made in Slender Mansion and the only male that Scar ever had feelings for), and all the other Pastas in Slender Mansion(except Jane the Killer, Laughing Jill, and Clockwork, Scar hates them all and wants them to die in a hole).

What type of creature are you(demon, angel, ect.)?: Scar is a half-dragon, half-demon, immortal, female killer.

Age: Scar is about 65 million years old, but she looks like she is 27.

Powers/Abilities: Scar can morph into shadows, turn into animals(but they look a little bit dragonish), can turn invisible, is a blue fire master(because she is a dragon/fire elemental she can never get cold), she can morph her tail into the tails of other creatures(Ex. She can turn her tail into that of a scorpion's), and can summon things from her private realm.

Pets/Followers: Sock(a cloth demon magically created by Scar when she was younger).

Extras(Weapons, favorite food, ect.): Scar likes practically anything with the blood of mortals, esepecially mortal children. Scar can make her scars and eyes glow with really bright blue light. Scar's weapons are her claws, tail, fangs, wings, two black katana blades, and her signature blue fire. Scar really likes to sleep, due to being demon of the night, so if you wake her up, you are screwed my friend. Thanks to Scar's naturally mystic voice, she can shape her voice to sing any kind of song. One thing that is very little known about Scar is that, she is a pro at the violin and guitar(normal and electric)!

BALLS, that was long. Anyway Rped and created by Scar