1. Don't copy other characters! Never ever, it is a violation and you will be punished! YOU WILL!!!!

2. Don't use the same name as another person please(Your character, I mean)

3. You can cuss, but no cyber bullying. If you cyber bully, you'll be banned forever, no joke. And hey, there are some kids here, so don't go being a foul mouth on chat the whole time.

4. If you are having troubles with this wiki tell us.

5. If you cyber bully you lose your rights on this wiki, therefore losing your character.

6. Don't use this wiki as a way of getting people's personal information(a.k.a., don't be a stalker).

7. Don't leave stupid messages or comments that are not needed(you can't say things like "Hey what's up homie!" and stuff like that). That's dumb, and it gets the wiki cluttered.

8. DON'T BE A PERVERT!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

9. Never make adventures that involve killing someone's character(unless they say it's okay). So basically, if it is their OC that they enjoy, then don't like kill it. That's rude.

10. Don't give personal information. Bad things will happen, we promise you that.

11. Always be kind to other users on the site. Please.

12. If you are going to make an adventure and you want to involve someone's character you have to get their approval.

13. Don't approve your character. Only an admin has the right to do that.

14. If you are ever going to put pictures on this wiki just remember: NO PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. Please don't use this wiki as a social site where you post all of your stupid crap on. This is a fantasy  wiki, not your personal website. Sorry. You can post this stuff on your message wall or your userpage, but not on pages that only admins are supposed to edit.

16. We are just going to make this clear; no mary-sues or gary-stu's. That is bragging and being a jerk, and honestly it is stupid and a waste of our time, so if you do, we will give you a message and delete the character.

17. If you are having trouble, please contact one of our admins.

18. You can write fanfictions on here, but they HAVE to be in your blog, no exceptions. If you do write one somewhere else, you'll get a warning, and the fanfic will be deleted.

19. If you make and/or do anything that is not related to the wiki, we will warn you.

20. Please have fun. We love to have you here.