The Academy

The Academy is a school for people of the Sky Kingdoms. You learn Art, Combat, Weapon Wielding, Battle Strategy, and Magic.

Art: Gives you the ability to create life-like things. For example: A cave to fool your enemies, Or painting yourself to look like your surroundings.

Combat: Teaches certain moves to use in self defense and in combat. For example: Pressure points(Scar is a master at pressure points), or knock-out moves.

Weapon Wielding: Finds you the perfect weapon and shows you how to use and fight with it. For example: Scar fighting one of Firetale's patrols with her bow and arrows.

Battle Strategy: Gives you the knowledge of how to make battle plans and were to strike an enemy. For example: A treasure map listing the enemies on the way.

Magic: An ancient art used by people to defend and fight enemies. For example: When your fighting a whole crowd and use magic to take them out.