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    Song lyrics

    May 8, 2015 by RavenTalon

    This is going to about lyrics to songs I like.

    My Nightmare by Get Scared

    In a slumber where no one can wake me from

    he scent of her skin still haunts my lungs

    Where the moon never leaves her eyes

    Here's a toast to another endless night

    It's a feeling in my bones

    A carousel for two that no ones knows

    What a twist

    When we kiss I feel sick

    Any moment I could wake without your lips

    My paradise

    Is stripped and I'm weak

    You'll never know

    How much it kills me

    Every time I close my eyes

    I dream that you're still here

    (This is, this is my nightmare)

    Every time I go to sleep

    I scream cause you're not there

    This is my nightmare

    As you fade right behind my eyelids

    I get the feeling it's so familiar

    But I can't do a thing to stop this now

    I can't believe this is happening to…

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  • Shadowfire Chi

    Call me crazy, but I want to write another one. A much sweeter one.

    "It's not funny anymore!" Yelled Shadowfire Chi to the guards in front of her. She was back to back with Ticci Toby, his hatchets braced in front of him. The female Demon shifted into her Final Form, Toby in front of her, growling in defense.

    She unsheathed her katana's, gripping the hilts of both weapons with dear life. Toby tried to touch her skin but leaped back with a hiss at how warm it was. With much enrage, she ran up to one of the guards and stabbed him in the skull. Blood spattered her upper torso, and she let out an evil laugh and stabbed another mortal with her blade. Toby threw one of his hatchets, as it met with the guards' rib cage and he fell to the floor. The…

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    Despite the lies that you're making

    Your love is mine for the taking My love is Just waiting

    To turn your tears to roses

    Despite the lies that you're making

    Your love is mine for the taking

    My love is Just waiting

    To turn your tears to roses

    I will be the one that's gonna hold you

    I will be the one that you run to

    My love is A burning, consuming fire

    [Chorus:] No

    You'll never be alone

    When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars

    Hear the whispers in the dark


    You'll never be alone

    When darkness comes you know I'm never far

    Hear the whispers in the dark

    Whispers in the dark

    You feel so lonely and ragged

    You lay here broken and naked

    My love is Just waiting

    To clothe you in crimson roses

    I will be the one that's gonna find you

    I will be the one that's gonn…

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  • Shadowfire Chi


    May 2, 2015 by Shadowfire Chi

    Shadowfire was running through the forest, the greenery no more than a blur. She literally burst the doors opened, the wood shattering on the floor.

    "I heard Toby went missing!" She screeched, a look of panic written on her face. She saw BEN Drowned walk up to her with raised eyebrows and a smirk.

    "That's not my baby!" Shadowfire hissed, her eyes red with malice as she pushed BEN away. "Where the hell is my TOBY?"

    Slenderman walked up to her, trying to calm her with hushed words. A growl was rumbling deep in her throat. "It's okay. He only went missing a few... days ago."

    Shadowfire clenched her fists. "I will find him, even if in costs my life." There was a vicious smirk on her lips, her eyes even more crimson, and glowing. Everyone gasped.


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  • Shadowfire Chi

    (You and I were, you and I were fire.

    You and I were, you and I were fire.

    You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fire)

    It was the fourth of July

    You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fireworks

    That went off too soon

    And I miss you in the June gloom, too It was the fourth of July

    You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fireworks

    I said I'd never miss you

    But I guess you never know

    May the bridges I have burned light my way back home

    On the fourth of July

    I'll be as honest as you let me

    I miss your early morning company

    If you get me

    You are my favorite "what if"

    You are my best "I'll never know"

    I'm starting to forget

    Just what summer ever meant to you

    What did it ever mean to you?

    Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean any of it

    I just got too lonely, lonel…

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  • RavenTalon

    This is going to be super fucking gross so prepare your ASS!

    Talon was walking around the Tar Pits of the Sky Kingdoms, searching for her friend Jeff. Who we all know is another Creepypatsta/killer. It just randomly seemed that since the two meet almost nothing could get the two apart, not even vodka.(yes said it). Talon always liked Jeff, his personality matched hers, he had a rough past jut like her, and both of their mothers were bitches. The list could go on, and on. Plus, Jeff was one of the only people who could make Talon have the fun and happiness she never received as a child.

    Talon gave out a chuckle, and continued her search for Jeff. When she heard a rustling sound near the bushes. Talon transformed herself into a raven and flew i…

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  • Shadowfire Chi

    (SO I CAN PUT TALON OUT OF HER MISERY. You asked for this.)


    Shadowfire was breathing heavily. She had just got done training, and was heading to her rooms when somebody tapped her on the shoulder gently. She looked behind her, and, not surprisingly, she saw Toby.

    He had his hatchets and was braced for an attack. "T-train with me?" He said. She almost flinched when she realized that he wasn't talking in that usual tone he did when he saw her; Almost like; sexy.

    But today, his voice was normal. She gave him a confused look, but took out her katana's again, her power rising. "Okay." Shadowfire growled, a smile tugging her lips.

    Toby struck first, aiming for her cheek but failed as she blocked the attack swiftly. She examined his hatchets. Toby l…

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  • RavenTalon

    Talon was hanging around in her room, sharpening her daggers and blades. Boredom consuming her, as she dragged the clothe against the newly sharpen blade. She gasped in surprise, when she heard BEN screaming her name in panic.

    "Talon!Talon!Talon!Talon come here its an emergency!!!!"

    Talon sighed, setting her elvin dagger down, and ruffling her wings. Before walking down stairs. When she arrived Talon saw the faces of a few Creppypastas. Eyeless Jack, Shadowfire, Ticci Toby, Scar, Laughing Jack, Jeff, Jane the bitch (as Talon calls her), and BEN were all gathered in the living room. BEN was stood in front of Talon, holding his hat in her face.

    "Thank you soooo much Talon, we really needed another player." BEN said, who was looking relived. "W…

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  • Shadowfire Chi

    I am addicted to making these

    "I would die protecting you."

    Shadowfire was sitting on the couch. She was alone this time, staring blankly at the ceiling.

    She pulled her hoodie sleeves over her hands and flinched when she saw Ticci Toby and Clockwork together.

    Yes. They did get back together. Toby broke up with her a while ago.

    Toby looked at the female Demon but quickly looked away. Shadowfire's eyes turned grey-blue and she knitted her eyebrows sadly. Since that day that he told her to move on, her eyes had been that colour. They never stayed amber.

    She gently got up from the couch and went to get a soda, but Jane the Killer stopped her. "Hey, we're playing seven minutes in heaven again!" she screeched. Shadowfire glared at Jane.

    "I don't want …

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  • RavenTalon

    This this is about all the RP's that me, Shadows, and Scar had.

    Shadowfire and Talon RP

    Shadowfire was running from five guards, her swords outstretched in front of her. She doubled back, and ran faster.

    The guards took their spears, trying to stab the sharp blades into Shadowfire's stomach.

    Shadowfire stopped dead, her energy starting to drain.

    "Talon..." She breathed through telepathy, stabbing one of the guards in the arm. Before anything else happened Shadowfire felt a sharp, icy pain in her gut.

    Talon brushed passed guards, running to Shadowfire, deflecting any knives that aimed towards the two killers. Only one word came out of Talon's mouth as she inspected the wound.


    Shadowfire's skin was now blue like everything else on her. …

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    Talon x Jeff thing

    March 20, 2015 by RavenTalon

    This blog is going to be the stories on Jeff x Talon, so ya.


    Talon gazed at the human-sized mirror, her new appearance dawned on her like sunlight on land during sunrise. Her once shiny white hair is now messy, and black with dark purple ends. Eyes that once shone like bright blue stars are now dark purple with black slits. Once beautiful dove like wings turned into a mess of black feathers.

    It has been a month since Talon had moved into The Slender Mansion, along with her friends Scar and Shadowfire. She already made friends, and enemies with the Creepypastas. Talon even formed a crush on a murder named Jeff the Killer, but only Scar and Shadowfire knew about that.

    It was after a killing spree and Talon was still trying to get u…

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  • Shadowfire Chi

    This song means so much to me idk why.

    Fairly Local ~ Twenty Øne Piløts

    I’m fairly local, I’ve been around

    I’ve seen the streets you're walking down

    I’m fairly local, good people now

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

    I’m evil to the core

    What I shouldn't do I will

    They say I’m emotional

    What I wanna save I’ll kill

    Is that who I truly am?

    I truly don’t have a chance

    Tomorrow I’ll keep a beat

    And repeat yesterday’s dance

    Yo, this song will never be on the radio

    Even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote

    It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional

    Yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral

    The world around us is burning but we’re so cold

    It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional

    I’m fairly local, I’ve been around

    I’ve seen the streets you're walking do…

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    Don't You Dare Forget The Sun

    This I just my favorite song : )

    You're a mess, tangled with your confidence. You think you haven't sinned. Well, you're unstoppable, Your walls are impassible.

    Oh, I think that you're better off looking alone, 'Cause the boys that chase your hips can just go find their way home. And at the end of the day you think to yourself, "My body is a product being sold on a shelf." Tell me I can change, Tell me I can change.

    Well, I know you lay in bed, Contemplating your own death. Well, just look at what you've done. Don't you dare forget the sun, love!

    (Don't forget!)

    Cold white walls, keep you from your pad and pen. You just wanna stab again. I can't believe it's half this hard, You never knew your mind was dark, no!


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  • Scar Bloodfire

    7 Minutes in Heaven

    February 18, 2015 by Scar Bloodfire


    "There is nothing better than cowboy world!" Said Laughing Jack.

    "Well, there is one thing." Said Scar.

    "And what's that?" Asked Laughing Jack.

    "DINOSAUR COWBOY WORLD!" Yelled Scar in her best cowboy accent, making them both laugh.

    "Honestly, people wonder why we're friends." Said Scar when she was done laughing.

    Scar looked back at Laughing Jack. He had a kind of sad expression on his face once she finished saying that. She was about to ask if he was ok but Jane cut her off.


    "Fuck." Said Scar as the bag came to her.

    Scar looked back at LJ who had just put something in the bag. Then she went to put something in the bag, but Jane stopped her.

    "I don't think …

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  • Shadowfire Chi

    about meeting the 'pasta's. Duh.

    Meeting the Creepypasta's



    Chapter One- Somebody Out to Get Me

    Shadowfire walked in the distant woodland, her sword clutched against her side. All she could think of was, I am being watched. I am going to die, right now.

    For a 15-year-old immortal, this wasn’t a surprise. Everyone was always out to get Shadowfire. Plus, the annoying part was, everyone thought she was cute. She growled, undoing her ponytail and letting her black-to-red locks fall over her shoulders. Her whole body was shaking. Shadowfire dropped her sword to the ground, and took off her black sweatshirt, revealing a red-and-black combat bra. Her eyes were turning a light blue, which meant fear, and the stripes along her waist and arms w…

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  • Shadowfire Chi


    “Ah, I won’t make fun of you. I only do that to my enemies. But I actually like you. You’re the only one.”

    “Seriously!?” Ben asked, throwing the controller on the carpet while stomping, confused, outraged and sweaty. “How could you beat me? Majora’s Mask is my game!” The black-haired girl hissed, her tongue sticking out at him as she said,

    “Meh, obviously not. Maybe next time, princess.” she laughed playfully, grabbing his hat and putting it on herself, horns poking out of the sides. Ben huffed, defeated and worn out. He walked over to Dark Link, and started drinking a beer while playing on the oldest game-boy Shadowfire had ever seen in her life. She wondered when this party would ever end. It felt like she’d been there for hours…

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